House Colors: Houston, We Have a Decision

It may have taken over a year, and several material swatches spread out on the floor of the paint store that resulted in conversations that went something like, “Excuse me ma’am, is that a piece of your roof on the floor?” Why yes. Yes it is.

But I finally narrowed the house color down to one of these three options.

I painted some large swatches over the weekend and had them nailed to the house. And I’ve been snapping pictures of them periodically throughout the day to see how I feel about them in different lights.


And I know I’ve been saying for a while that I really think I want to paint the house blue.


I like the the contrast of the dark, and blue is a bold color. But actually…


Now that I look at it, I have to say that with the wood, and the roof, and the trim color…

I think I really like the green the best. Or “sage” actually. It’s not too green, not to gray, and has just enough color to satisfy the rebellious voice inside of me (probably the same one that led to tattoos and facial piercings when I was younger) that no way was I going to live in a house that is beige.

All the while the Engineer has been saying he liked green, and I gave him the squinch-face every time. But maybe I should let him pick out the colors of stuff more often. I’m totally sold on it.

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  1. While I spent hours deliberating, Rob picked out our master bedroom color in less than 2 seconds.

    I think either the blue or green would be good. Glad you’ve picked a winner! Must feel great to have that decision behind you.

  2. I love blue. Truly do. But will it fade? Do you want it to fade? The only reason I ask. My grandfather painted his house yellow — chose a bold yellow (almost nuclear, in fact) with the hopes that it would fade to a subtle yellow to match the age of the house (1850 Plantation House). It didn’t, and 10 years later he’s still pissed off. In the winter you can see the house from literally half a mile away. Pisses him off even more.

    That being said. I love the sage. Really do. I would go with the sage. But that’s just me.


  3. I think you made the right choice on the color. I wouldn’t normally agree with what my brother thought but this time I think he had the right vision all along. I bet it feels good to have that decision behind you;)

  4. I’m a fan of the Gloucester Sage. We used Old Salem Gray as trim/accent and I must admit to loving it more than I thought I would. Its just a few shades lighter than the sage and it has the wonderful ability to change with the lighting during the day, but still stand out on the house. I think you will love the Gloucester Sage.

    1. I know, I love it too. It came down to the color of the roof and wood though, the green just makes it pop.

      Wow. I just said “makes it pop” on this website. I need to go wallow in my shame now.

  5. I forgot to ask in earlier comment–you are using a solid stain product on the siding and not paint, yes? If you do one thing that will save you many hours of work down the road do not use paint on cedar or redwood. It will not hold, it will flake off and you will want to kill yourself. Paint store employees will not state this outright, but will agree this does indeed happen IF you ask them. Even with the best primer and the best paint it will flake off. In like 2-5 years time. Email Benjamin Moore rep at to confirm.

    And good luck with the siding installation!

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  7. So, all these years later, were you happy with the Gloucester Sage? Just wondering because I am planning to use that color on our siding too.

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