Living in a garage in the country? Awesome.

By far mice are a central theme in the most interesting things we have to say about living in a garage in the middle of corn fields. Like that time I found one camped out in my shoe, or the time that MysteryMan got out of bed, flipped the covers over, and found a dead one right exactly where he’d been sleeping. Neither of which is nearly as horrifying as this….

Two things I’d like to point out about this:


2.) Now I get to look forward to coming home from work today and searching the entire station for a little headless mouse carcass. I repeat, awesome.

I know. My life is so glamorous it’s hard to believe sometimes.

Also, cat? If you’re reading this? We need to have a little talk.

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  1. 1) EWWWWWWWW!!!

    2) Ewwwww again & what a PITA. But it’s not like you have anything else to do with your time in the evenings, right??

    I now hear Fergie singing Glamorous in my head & it will probably be stuck there the rest of the day.

    He sure is cute! I’m sure God made them that way on purpose so at times like this, we won’t kill them.

  2. Ahahaha! The brutal honesty of screen-capped ichats. So which is worse – live, whole mice – or bits and (sticky) pieces of dead ones?

    1. Undoubtedly the bits and pieces! I don’t mind live mice so much… I kind of think their little whiskery faces are cute. Even sticking out of my shoe.

      Decapitated mouse heads? Not so much.

  3. LOL yes dealing with mice is just part of being in the country! The previous basement patio door was rotted open from the lack of gutters and if that wasn’t enough the mice chewed a large hole in the corner. So our basement was infested with everything imaginable. Every basement wall we’ve torn open we find gallons of rice (the previous owner did a lot of bulk shopping which is also how we got pantry moths), mouse poop and carcasses. My husband was catching one after in traps or just by stomping them. But one day I come home from work and he left a note for me to boil the kitchen tongs. Of course I called him to ask why I needed to do such a thing and found out that he had seen a mouse run up our stairs and the first thing he could find was the kitchen tongs! The next day I bought a new set of tongs.

  4. Ah, but have you ever had a live duck in your basement? When we moved into our last house a friend and I were cleaning up garbage left by previous owners. We each heard a loud scurrying noise and ran like hell upstairs. We grabbed a flashlight and went back down, convinced it was a giant rat. Alas, under the makeshift bathroom vanity (with one side open) was A DUCK. We chased it around until we both decided throwing a blanket over it and catching it that way would work best. (this after 20 minutes)

    Oddly enough, the duck AND its mate lived in our creek for a number of years and every spring landed in the winter cover of our swimming pool to float about and catch bugs I guess. When the mate was hit by a car a few years later the male duck (the one we had in the cellar) mourned and it was heartbreaking to see. Nature at its finest, except for the car accident thing.

    So yeah, mice are no big deal.

  5. This totally reminds me of living in Columbus, where waking up with a mouse in your bed is pretty common. On another note, this cat is ADORABLE and looks exactly like my little Boyd. Can’t blame a cat for having a little fun 🙂

  6. My cat used to bring all kind of insects and small animals (mice/lizards/frogs) at the bottom of my bed and then wait to be praised for his ability to hunt. Didn’t like the “gifts” but loved the cat! 🙂

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