DIY House Addition: A Week In The Life (Tuesday)

Tuesday’s burning question was “dear god, is our concrete going to be purple?” and don’t worry, we’ll get to that. Right after the part about vomit.

6:00 AM – Let’s just get the vomit thing out of the way now. I’m dragged out of my beauty rest by the sounds of the cat hoarking up a hairball, mouse head,  or some other such thing on the comforter. And since we live in a garage and don’t have a washer and dryer handy, I do the only thing I can think of with only 1/16th of my brain working… stick my hand under the cat’s mouth.

Show of hands for people who started their day with warm cat vomit between their fingers?

8:30 AM – Vomit free. As I leave for work I can’t resist looking at the concrete to see if it de-purpled at all overnight.


Nope. Still purple. Between this and the cat puke I’m already feeling nauseous today.

10:45 AM– Catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and spend a minute trying to decide if I look more like a corpse or a zombie. Since zombies have enough life left in them to get up and eat brains, I’m going with corpse.

1:00 PM – I strategically take my lunch hour when the crew is back at the house power washing the release off of the concrete. Thank god for leftover lasagna, which has now fed me two meals a day for three days.

Still not feeling good about the concrete color. But there’s one last thing to try… the sealer.

Well, would you look at that? Not purple.

You really can’t imagine the huge relief we felt once the sealer went on. It actually looks… good. Really good. Just what we wanted, actually.

All that panic, for nothing.

2:30 PM– Back to work, feeling much less terrified about purple concrete.

6:00 PM– Off to the local big-box to buy all of the recessed lighting and bath fans for the house.

Decisions, decisions.

7:00 PM– And after hauling the loot back home, it’s eating time. For the little long-ears anyway.

8:00 PM– I know what awaits me back in there, more lighting decisions.

I’ve started laying them out by room on the floorplan, and it’s actually really helped. I’ll be sharing all of the details next week.

9:00 PM – With half the house lighting almost laid out, it’s off to HomeOwnerNut to complete a freelance article that’s been floating around in my head for a week. Check it out here.

10:00 PM – Back to this very website to recap my day, it’s been long but overwhelmingly awesome. The concrete pads look great (MysteryMan claims he knew they would all along, and yes, I should have trusted him, but I did see a gleam of panic in his eye yesterday) we’ve got most of the cans and fans needed for our favorite electrician this weekend, and the way it’s shaping up there will be even more fun tomorrow. But hopefully less cat vomit.

11:00 PM- Signing off. Every day is an adventure.

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  1. I wouldn’t beat yourself up too much about not trusting him on the success of the concrete selection. As you put it, that concrete was f-ing purple. I was surprised not to see a heavy dose of box wine in your timeline. 🙂

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