Donkeys Love Christmas

The donkeys are getting used to that cold white stuff on the ground, and they are also getting used to us dressing them up for every possible holiday.


They like it.


It should come as no surprise that for the last month or two we’ve been basically living minute to minute, trying to keep things moving on the house.

So with half a day off work on Friday I was shocked to find myself with both free time and daylight, which means I immediately called my mom to come over for an impromptu photoshoot with the girls.


Lucy likes her perfume.


We took a couple of shots for the Christmas card, and then we just had some fun.


Lucy decided the scarf did not go with PJ’s current look…


And you may be wondering where the fifth member of our family was when all of this fun was going on…


He’s all, you really don’t expect me to get out of bed for this, do you?

The moral of the story is: Donkeys love Christmas, cats love naps.

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