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We’re in the middle of a swirling vortex of snow, insulation, drywall, inspections, wiring, trench digging, and pipe laying. It’s enough to make my head spin and too much to allow for a coherent post on anything.

Things I’m Thinking About Life

1. It’s freaking cold. I know we got mild weather way longer than we were supposed to, so I’ll take the 30-degrees and below in I have to, but do you think you could cut me a little slack on the constant instant-frosbite wind?

2. When I can’t stand it anymore and bury myself in the bed with three layers of covers pulled up to my eyeballs, I’ve been reading this book on my iPhone kindle app:

I love Bill Bryson books because I’m the kind of person who– as a child– followed everyone around going, “but, why?” over and over again until I got a satisfactory answer or a cosh on the head. And this topic is obviously very dear to my heart.

3. Incidentally, thank god for the Kindle app for iPhone, because while I really do perfer having an actual book between my hands, in the last six months that we’ve been living in the garage (and working full time, building a house, and keeping up this website) I’ve read 19 eBooks. So basically I’d be on my way to filling up the rest of our space with hardcovers if I hadn’t reigned myself in on buying actual books. Also, I need to find more room for bookshelves in the house, probably.

Some of the best of my recent reads are:

When I’m allowed to read Acutal Real books again, I’m going to start by re-reading The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle  if I can find a copy (one of the first “books” that I loved, and probably haven’t read since the third grade), the Harry Potter books, Pride and Prejudice and Ender’s Game. Ah, the classics.

4. That’s it. Basically outside of “things relating to the house” I think about books, and freezing my ass off.

Things I’m Thinking About For The House

1. Interior Wood Doors: Mission vs. V-Groove Style

2. Master Bathroom Tile- I have this vague sense of wanting to use natural colors and stone for a spa-like feel, without going over the top. But really, I have no idea.

3. Tearing up the remaining wood flooring (it’s been cut away from the walls and warped from water, so there’s no salvaging it in its current state, but the possibility of planing it down to use in the master-bedroom). There’s not a lot of time, but this is going to be way easier to do now than after we’ve got walls on Thursday.

4. Whether or not there is a minimum temperature for hanging wood siding. The internet has no answers for me.

5. When I’m going to be able to put a washer and dryer in.

6. Whether or not I should order the kitchen cabinets now.

7. What color I’m going to paint the bedroom.

8. How we’re going to fur out the wall that runs down the stairwell to the basement.

9. How long until I can sit my happy ass under the heat lamp in our master bathroom and thaw out.

10. When I’m going to be able to stop thinking about the house and go to sleep. (See, this is why I’ve read 19 books in 6 months.)

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  1. I think in bullet points/lists also. If I could I’d write every post as a list but it’s hard to tell a story that way. And documenting that story is what I’m really after. So here’s a list for you

    – Mission
    – First tile for sure. I like the shape and more muted colors better.
    – Just a word of caution about tile choices. I like unique tiles like the popular pebble tile but I think they will be trendy and may look outdated in the future. Using a lot of glass tile might look trendy too so keep it more of an accent tile.
    – I have no idea about the siding but I think you should invest in some work gloves without finger tips!
    – No don’t order the cabinets yet. You never know what might come up or need to be changed when the walls are built.
    – Look for some inspiration pictures for bedroom colors. I have collected a massive amount of them over the last couple years and I’m always referring to them. Especially with my very visual husband.

    1. Amen on the tile choices. I think that’s why it’s so difficult, plus I need one good “thing” to start from and I just haven’t found it yet for the master bath.

      1. Well what kind of feel are you going for in the master bath? I know you have a fireplace in there but that’s about it. I’d suggest trying to coordinate the master bedroom with it too with similar colors or style. Do you have anything planned for the master bedroom yet besides that fun light fixture? Give me some ideas and I’ll pour through my inspiration pictures to see what I can find.

  2. I ran across your blog and I’ve been enjoying your house adventures. I’ve been trying to decide between getting myself a Kindle or an iPhone. I had about decided to get the iPhone and use the Kindle app and after reading this you convinced me. The iPhone is the way to go!

  3. I’m always amazed when I read your blog because there are so many similarities to my life. Even the books you like – Bryson, Austin, Bronte. Good luck with your winter work!

    1. And the name…lol. I was never a Kristy though, always a Kit. I like to throw in a little sci-fi/fantasy every now and again too… Orson Scott Card, Larry Niven– I liked the Phillip Pullman Dark Materials trilogy. But here’s the real test, are you a James Patterson fan? I’ve tried to read his books on more than one occasion and HATE his writing style and character development. Can’t belive those things are NYT best sellers.

      1. I’m always up for some new book recommendations so I’ll have to try out the sci-fi/fantasy ones. I never read James Patterson but I’m sure you’re right. I find so many of the NYT best sellers are not my style at all. Anyway, good luck on the heating system before the deep freeze sets in – it’s so exciting you’ll have walls and insulation soon too!

  4. The Kindle app was a lifesaver for me when I was nursing, and I use it not to to indulge in the books I am embarrassed to have on my shelf, haha!

  5. Kitchens and baths are what I blog about. One of the things I have learned is that you need to pick your appliances before you order the cabinets. Or, as I said earlier, you can make your own. The main thing, though, is to spend lots and lots of time on your kitchen design. If you don’t feel competent for the task, I would enlist the help of a professional. Otherwise, I would read books on the subject. Johnny Grey has a lot of innovative designs. You can find more down-to-earth designs in Sunset Books and the like. As you’re laying out your kitchen make a list of things you absolutely hate about other kitchens you have had, and a list of things you have loved. Also, a wish list of what you would like is also helpful. Then do what you can to accommodate these things. I do know you’re one to just jump in and start sawing boards, but the time you spend planning your kitchen will be time well-spent.

    1. Good points Joseph! I worked with an architecht and two kitchen desingers and I’ve been mentally planning this thing out since July . So I’m ready to pull the trigger, but we’re more thinking about when it makes sense financially. And no sense in having the cabinets just sitting in the house if we’re not going to be putting them up for a while. I’ll probably be waiting until January… once the dust settles from the drywall and the bathrooms.

  6. Oh. My. Goodness. I read True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle about a million times when I was younger. I think it was one of the first books that I owned; I’m pretty sure that I got it at a book fair. I haven’t thought about that book in AGES!

    Ok, back to reading the rest of the post. I got a little too excited there…

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