Tools I Shouldn’t Want To Own

(But still kinda do.)

Because let’s be honest, I don’t ever want to be responsible for taping and mudding the drywall joints in an entire house. Texturing? Maybe. But I still get a little itch in my fingers to test out some of the professional drywallers gear. Two of these things I could have envisioned, but the tape-dispenser-mudder on the the left? Could only have dreamed that up in my wildest imagination (and to be honest as far as drywall is concerned, my imagination never got much past having a beer when I was done sanding 500 lf of joints.)

That thing spreads mud on the tape, dispenses it on the wall (smoothing down the top as you go), puts a crease in for inside corners, and cuts the tape perfectly at the end of a wall. It’s all chains and pulleys and a tube full of mud awesomeness.

The finishers came on Saturday and taped every single seam in the house in about 5 hours. Yeah. Puts the weeks it took me to finish the inside of the 400 sq ft garage to shame. So even though I’d really like to use their tools, I’m also really glad they’ve got this part of construction under control.

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  1. I can’t seem to find anything like that tool. Even called my local ‘drywall supply’ store and they’d never heard of anything that does both tape and mud in one go. What’s the tool actually called?

    1. Look up “automatic taper for drywall”. They aren’t cheap to buy, but maybe you can find a place to rent one.

    2. It’s called an automatic taper, also known as a bazooka. Some brands are Columbia (the best quality), Tapetech (good), Can-Am (good). There are other brands as well, but you can’t go wrong with these brands. Columbia has the best customer service and their quality is amazing. I have heard countless complaints about Tapetech’s customer service but I have never bought their tools so I really don’t know.

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