Warmer Already

I left the house at 8:30 with no insulators in sight, and came back at 1:00 PM to see this much warmer and more air-tight house.

The first layer is this expanding foam and then it’s backed with fiberglass batts. I was impressed with the speed and efficiency of the crew (all of my wood doors and windows were properly covered with nary a dot of insulation on them) but then the insulation “scheduler” called me to tell me they won’t be able to come back until Wednesday.

I’m pretty sure I managed to give him a blank stare over the phone and then said, “Just so you know… my drywallers are coming. on. Thursday.” And I think he very quickly realized he was talking to someone who incapacitated their right hand with all the air-nailing they did over the weekend to get prepared for the insulators and drywallers that were coming this week.

And then he promised me that under no circumstances would he hold up my drywall installation, or believe me when I tell you I’d have yet another use for that air nailer.

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  1. I agree with Bunny, I am soooo jealous right now!

    And I have no doubt what-so-evuh! that you would use your nailer on him.

  2. I’m jealous too!

    So are you doing the foam/fiberglass combo to save on costs (rather than just all foam)? I’m starting to see this more and more, but am curious about how much it can save vs. just having the foam crew do it all.

    1. So I do think the foam/fiberglass combo costs less than if you went straight foam… the price was actually $500 lower than a blown cellulose insulation. (According to our installer, the cost of the foam is higher than cellulose, but fiberglass is much cheaper right now.) Since we’re getting the air-tight properties of the foam and the R-value we need, (and it fit into our budget) we just went with what the contractor suggested.

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