Roamin’ Numerals and My Famous Table

Check it out. That’s my picnic table in a magazine.

Somehow one of the editors of Singapore Home & Decor (yes, you read that right) found me and featured DIYdiva in their “blogs of the month” page. The fact that people half-way around the world might be interested in what projects I’m doing in Smalltown, Michigan is just one of the reasons why I love the internet. (Bubba–my very dusty black cat– approves, by the way.)

Another reason why I love the internet is because it gives me a forum to tell you about this ridiculous dream I had, and I know, I know, telling people stories of your dreams is never as interesting as you think it should be, but this one has a punchline, I swear. It goes like this…

MysteryMan and I had a new barn and we decided to get some baby chicks. A woman came over to get us set up with them… three baby chicks that she had inexplicably named One, Two, and Three. She gave them some water, set them on the ground, and said, “You can just let them roam around on the floor by themselves…. see? They’re your little Roamin’ Numerals!”

In my dream I thought this was super clever and I kept telling everyone, look at our little Roamin’ Numerals! And in real life I’m just giving you a warning about the kind of things that happen to your brain when you sand drywall without a dust mask.

Not a joke, people. This is my life.

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  1. I wish my dreams were half that clever. Half the time I wake up thinking, “Well that was a total waste of REM.”

    So how did you find out about the table in Singapore Home & Decor?

    1. They contacted me ahead of time for permission… you never know if that kind of thing is legit, but they did send me a copy of the magazine.

    2. Also, the second part of that dream was that she told us to watch out for our legs because they would peck at them to use the synthetic fibers in our pants as roughage. So basically I spent a large part of my night jumping around in my dream to avoid being pecked by a jeans-eating chicken.

      Talk about waking up with some anxiety, but the Roman Numerals kind of made up for it.

  2. LOL!! That’s like a dream my mom had with a very funny punchline about a poop.

    Awesome that your project made it into a magazine!! Congrats!

  3. That was really quite good. I’m going to share this with my sister, who comes up with funny names for her chickens.

    1. Oh my god, if she has little Roamin’ Numerals, you have to tell me. That would be awesome. I’m not sure myself about getting chickens, but if I do, that’s totally what I’m calling them.

    1. I’m actually reading your blog from Italy… So I guess you have a wider fanbase than you think. 😀

  4. I love the pun. Congraulations on the magazine article. Just a thought on your videos. I think you have a gun that you’re not shooting. You have a wonderful sense of humor and a nice smile. You should really be doing the type of demonstrations you see on TV. I think you would do well with it. You could always make a video or two and show it to family and friends first to get their feedback. But more and more these days, it’s humor that sells. Plus the fact that you actually do have some well thought out step-by-step instructions.

  5. Loved your dream…so sorry it didn’t end with namiing them! Congrats on the magazine! Also, I have to agree with Joseph. The HGTV/DIY shows I appreciate most have humor are have nice clear instructions! I think you’d be perfect!

  6. OMG! I laughed out loud – wine almost came out my nose! Reminds me of the geese we had when I was in HS – Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. But Roamin Numerals are WAY WAY better!
    Thanks so much for your blog – by far my fave on my list. And keep up the great work on your house – can’t wait for you to move in!

  7. Congrats – it must be due to that eye-rolling, smirking, handsome Mystery Man character that you reference (ha!). Your site will be great reading for your future family to look back on.

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