Surprising Progress

After studying for the builders exam (T-minus 6 days and counting) until the wee hours in the morning and a fitful night of sleep– you know the kind where you can’t fall asleep because you’re thinking about how you’re going to be too tired to do anything the next day if you don’t fall asleep…yeah, love those– I pretty much expected to be worthless on Sunday.

I basically was worthless on Sunday until some time after 3 PM when my body remembered what it was like to feel awake. And the next thing I know I’m up on a work bench, texturing the walls of the master bath.


And four hours later, we’re ready to prime and paint this baby!


Okay, actually, I was ready for a nap. That bench was a quite handy Christmas present we got this year.

(You’ll notice the shower is not tiled and that’s because I got faked-out by a box of air filters on our porch on Friday that I thought for sure was the rest of my shower tile.)

There’s always a part in the building process where you’ve just been constructing a room for so long that it’s difficult to conceive of a day when you might actually be finishing it, and then BAM, you go to bed one Sunday ready for paint. It’s a bit shocking, actually.

As far as the texturing goes, I tried a new technique suggested by my Drywall Guru, which was mixing a bit of primer into the mud and mixing it up before applying. I’ll know better how it works after I’ve primed the walls. I know at this stage you look at the walls and think, “Um. What the hell did you just do to those?” But trust me, the answer is something awesome.

For the master bath I used a really light knifed on texture, similar to the man cave bathroom, if you can see any of the wall behind these photos:


It’s a difficult thing to photograph, but there’s some dimension and pattern to it beyond your usual knockdown walls.

Rollers and painters tape… here I come.

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  1. Yay you’re really starting to get there! That bench looks very handy. Hmm I can see us using that a lot…

    I’m confused so you last post was about the spare bathroom right? And is the master going to have the same tile and mirror? Or is this the same bathroom? Please tell my you take more than 2-3 showers a year in your master bathroom. Because that would just be unsanitary.

    1. Oh, no. It’s confusing because I have the project attention span of a gnat. I picked out the colors, mirror, and floor for the full bath on Saturday, but I textured the walls of the Master bath on Sunday– for which I have no colors, mirror, or floor picked out. I do have the shower tile picked out though.

      So… now that you mention it, maybe I started in the wrong spot. Ah, story of my life.

      But I think I’ll do the full bath tonight so I’ll be all caught up.

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