Floatation Device Required

Usually when I look at floor plans or fixtures online, I picture them larger in my head then they actually end up being in real life. Even when I opened the box for the tub I expected it to be something I could prop my back against at one end and my feet up on the other end. Instead, my trial run convinced me that I may need to go buy a pair of swim fins before we get this baby hooked up.

Also? Can’t. Wait.

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  1. LOL! That baby is huge. I have to stretch my toes to be able to lay back comfortably – one one foot it’s a drag, on the other one a good drag to have!

    I’m trying to figure out if I see MM’s mug in the reflection 🙂

    1. I had to look too, but it can’t be him, I take almost all my self-portraits with a tripod and remote! (It usually takes about 20 images to get a good one, dude doesn’t have enough patience for that.)

        1. I really like the lines of it, but I think it’s also a lot deeper than I expected. It seems like on a normal tub you can rest your elbows on the edge. Then again, I’m 5’3″ (on a good day) and used to my tiny clawfoot tub in the old place.

          We should have this in in a couple of weeks if you want to see it “in place” before you make any big decisions!

  2. I want your tub!!! That is my one regret about our current house, although when we were remodeling I didn’t think I’d want one at all. We have 2 little tiny tubs in other bathrooms but nothing that you’d really want to take a bubble bath in. I will remember this one for next time! Enjoy. 🙂

  3. Eeekk! Love it! We were considering the Escale but I think we’ve decided on the Underscore because we like the more angular lines. Did you get the freestanding or drop-in one? You’re going to have to write a full review on the bubble massage.

    1. This is the drop in. One thing I didn’t love about my clawfoot tub was cleaning around it. It was impossible to get into those corners. I really do like the look of the freestanding version though… and I hope to be giving you a full review as soon as humanly possible!

  4. how tall are you? (not being funny or anything) Either you are a tiny thing or that tub is ginormous! good luck with the remodeling. I’m stuck in my own and it’s a love/hate deal. i love doing it but somedays….

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