Pretty, Destructive

This is what happens when I complain about how hectic my life is… life locks me in the house with about a quarter inch of ice.


And no power, which means no water. Which means no flushing the toilet. Take that, whiner.

Not that it isn’t pretty…




But a quarter inch of ice wreaks some havoc of its own.


This is my beloved corkscrew willow…


I’m hoping we can straighten her up when the ice melts.


The lilac bush looks like this in the summer…


Uh. Not so much.


I can’t tell if having my my garden look like a coral reef is worth the price.


Even if it does look kinda cool.

So that’s my big excuse for not updating you on the Master Bed/Bath paint post over on Curbly (unless you follow me on facebook or twitter), but you can check it out now if you want.

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  1. We had something like this in our neck of the woods a few weeks ago. As beautiful as it was, I wondered about the plant aftermath. Now that it’s melted they seem to have sprung back.
    Sorry about your lack of plumbing. Maybe you can put some of those vast stretches of land to good use ;).

  2. The ice pics are beautiful and I do not want to have an ice storm in CT thank you! I checked out the colors on Curbly and they look great! I am partial to the darker – just personal taste – nothing to do with decorating! Great job!

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