Repainting, Already

After one marathon of a weekend,  there are now three rooms in the house that have been painted. One of which has been painted twice.

Yes, already.

You may remember a Saturday night wherein I picked out all of the colors for the Full bath under the influence of alcohol. Guys, how many times do I have to say it? Don’t drink and DIY.

And actually, wait a minute, tell me I’m crazy here but monitor calibration aside, does this look pink to you?

About fifteen years ago my step-mother redecorated the great room in the house I grew up in. She picked a nice beige for the walls, a coordinating color for the “sheers” over the windows, and one day I came home and found myself in the middle of what we affectionately referred to as The Passion Pit until the walls could be repainted a week later.

Call it karma for the “passion pit” remark, but after I painted all for walls of the bathroom this lovely neutral hue, I stood back to look at it and what came to mind was…


Holy crap, I just painted my walls pink.

In theory I have way too much stuff to do to be repainting the walls, but even if it meant sacrificing a few more hours of sleep… it had to be done.


The new color is Maritime White and it looks 1000% less pink.

You can really tell in the after picture, right?


This may be my favorite thing I’ve ever posted to this website. A before and after picture, both of which look white and exactly the same. You’re just going to have to trust me, things are much better in there now, and hey bonus, I can actually sleep at night. If I had time, that is.

Next step is painting the leftover rough sawn cedar 1x for the bottom half of the walls. I expect things will be much more exciting then… I mean, there will be a saw involved so there’s always the off chance that I lose a finger.

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  1. I hear ya, girl. I did the same thing. Well actually I painted our bathroom four times in two weeks before I got it more or less right.

    However … watch your light bulbs. They make a huge difference in how paint colors appear. After painting mine for the fourth time, the bathroom walls still were casting pink but I know that couldn’t be true because there was not one iota of red in the paint formula. Then I switched out the bulb in the ceiling fixture for a GE Reveal bulb and it revealed to me that regular bulbs suck.

    1. Erin – this is particularly hilarious because I know the lightbulb has something to do with it. I was going to change it out last night before I repainted (I did want to go lighter anyway) BUT, here’s a fun fact: I’m scared of changing lightbulbs.

      There, I said it.

      That was going to be a whole secondary theme of this post… how I stood on a bucket for 20 minutes with MysteryMan on the phone encouraging me to just unscrew the damn thing.

      In my defense, he screwed that lightbulb in like the structure of the house depended on it.

      I do have a reveal bulb and I’m making him change it at the first available opportunity.

  2. Yes, the sample is coming across my monitor as pinky beige!

    I once repainted a bedroom 3 times in 1 week trying to get the right shade of grey. The first time it had too much blue so the paint store adjusted the mix. After the second time still too much blue. Finally it was suggested that the paint be tinted to black and to add white til I got the grey that I wanted. Bingo! I finally had the right color. That tip came from my boyfriend who worked at the paint store. At least he was good for something, considering he dumped me a few months later!

  3. It’s not showing as pinkish on my monitor, but I 100% believe you because of the name “cedar key” – doesn’t cedar, especially fresh cedar, have pink in it? I really like the brighter, whiter “maritime white”.

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