Weekend, Plus 500 Miles

At some point between sleeping, trying not to die from the flu, and driving 500 miles, it was still a somewhat productive weekend.


And saying it was “productive” was really just an excuse to post this picture of MysteryMan doing (and I’m quoting him) “the stupidest thing we’ve had to do on the house so far.” And he wasn’t even talking about his dust protection. Why yes, those are my ski goggles.

The stupid part was that we had to cut 2 inches of that 12″ beam so that our cedar wrap would be able to, well, wrap it. A smarter option would have been to have them install a 10″ beam there, but listen, we can’t think of everything. If that’s the worst thing that’s happened to us while we live in the garage and build a house on the weekends, I’d say we’re doing okay.

Then again, I didn’t have to wear that sawdust getup.

What I did have to do just a few short days after those blue skies and moderate temps, was this:


What? You don’t operate your table saw in the snow?

Probably there is some type of electrocution hazard occurring in that picture, and as usual I should caution you against doing certain things you see me do if you like to have all of your fingers attached and/or a pulse.

The exciting news is 1.) I didn’t die– from either the flu, electrocution, or driving 250 miles in an ice storm (I was totally pushing my luck this week) and 2.) There has been serious progress on the full bathroom, which I’ll be going into greater detail later this week, starting with a tutorial on laying hardwood floor.


And even though I’m supposed to drive another 400 miles in the next two days I plan to get these up in their proper spots as well…


And if that isn’t exciting enough, I’ll also be guest posting over at Curbly this week, so check back later for a link to my first article, which is all about how I pulled my hair out while I decided on the Master Bed/ Master Bath paint colors.

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