March Miscellany

This week has been devoted to working late at my day job and putting a couple of coats of poly on the closet floor. I

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Walnut Love

I just spent a good two minutes trying to decide if that title was inappropriate or not, but since I’ve also been spending an inordinate

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A. Lot. Of. Tile.

That’s what my life consists of these days. A lot of tile and a little sleep. The trade-off is that the shower in the full

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A Historic Moment

Today is: Two years, seven months, and eight days since I fell in love with an old gas station… Two years, seven months, and twenty

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One By One

How long have I been saying that I’ve got showers to tile? A month? Two? Actually, the answer is fifty-three days that I’ve been ready

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Compartmentalizing, Or Not

I was browsing through my photography folders tonight, looking for something I hadn’t posted yet, and this image called out to me. I’d like to

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I'm not interested in a mediocre life. I'm here to kick ass or die.