A Historic Moment

Today is:

Two years, seven months, and eight days since I fell in love with an old gas station

Two years, seven months, and twenty days since we bought three acres of land and the smelly house that came with it

Eight months and twenty four days since I sold my cute little city house and moved into a country garage…

AND the first thing I’ve ever posted to DIYdiva from inside the actual Memorial house.

Since that day has come before getting a working bathroom or bedroom in the house, you can see where my priorities lie. The most important part of this historic day is that I get to give the hamster who has been running on a wheel inside the computer powering my internet a break and actually use cable internet. I know, right? It’s very fancy over here all of the sudden.

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  1. **Cue heavenly music**

    That is some great news! You have your priorities straight you can always pee outside…well maybe not in this weather. I’m super jealous that you have access to cable out there. We don’t even have that!

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