A Weekend in the Bathroom

It’s where I spend all my time lately, and not in that “I had way to much fun last night” kind of way either. Unless you mean “I had way to much fun assembling a bathroom vanity last night and now I’m going to tile some things” kind of way, in which case you’re dead on.

Check this out:


I have built something that looks like a bathroom vanity. It only needs a couple of doors, a bottom shelf, and some paint.


If I was going to ask for some advice today, it would be on what color you think that vanity should be. The mirror I have precariously balanced on it will be on the wall. Here is the general gist of the colors:


That’s Maritime White on the walls. The wood is a combination of Valley Forge Tan (which is close to the color of the shower tile) as the base layer and Soft Chamois as the top color.

I am by no means an expert, but my thought with layering whites is that they should all be shades in the same family so you can keep things clean and matching, but still have a little depth.

That may be utter nonsense, because clearly I have no idea what I’m talking about.

I know that the vanity should be a lighter color, and I’m leaning towards the maritime white– slightly darker than the wood it will be up against– but nothing too drastic. The other option would be to make it something darker like a shade or two lighter than the valley forge tan.

I’ll likely distress or glaze the piece as well so it fits in with the whole rustic-beachy theme.

That is, unless I take a sledge hammer (I’m sorry, adjustment kit) to it, since I ran into a small height issue Sunday afternoon. I’m still stewing over how to cut 1/2″ off the bottom of the legs and as a diversionary tactic until I come up with something brilliant, I worked on the wood for the second wall.


The only thing I want to tackle less than the cabinet height issue is picking out the floor tile for the Master Bath, which has been a problem child from the very beginning.

MysteryMan helped out by sealing some of the shower/bath tile over the weekend:


This was actually incredibly helpful, since it brought out a lot of colors I didn’t know were in the tile…


I think matching one of the lighter colors is going to be a safe bet for the shower bench, counters, and floor.


There was a brief moment where I thought the driftwood mirror might look better in the master bath…


But then I regained my sanity and it when back where it belonged. And it looks like I’ll be embarking on yet another great tile hunt and spending more quality time in the bathroom this week.

See? There’s always something to look forward to when you’re building a house.

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  1. Your bathroom shower looks SO, SO GOOD. Really love the color and use of the smaller pebble tile. Really impressive (and inspiring)!

  2. I like the Maritime White if you’re going with a light color…then again I like the color of aged mahogany and cherry….and grays/blacks…so I guess I’m no help here! (This would be why my house is still Builder Beige.) What will the top and sink be? Might help narrow down the choices! You did an awesome job on the vanity (as in I have to lift my jaw back up awesome).

  3. Your vanity is amazing (do not take a sledge hammer to it!). Your thinking is correct on the use of multiple whites/lights – different shades (of similar tones) blend to create layers and textures which look great together. Any of your color options will be fine. Distressing/glazing will bring out the curves/planes of the vanity, adding more depth/texture. Kudos to you on another (excellent) step forward.

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