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So yesterday I almost swallowed a bug. Almost swallowing a bug is worse than actually swallowing a bug because instead of being gone in an instant there is at least a millisecond where something with six legs is trapped between your tongue and your teeth while your brain tries to process the fact that water should not be crunchy.

This relates to my bathroom floor tile because I really need to not live in a garage anymore.

In order to move into the house I need to have a toilet. And in order to have a toilet I need to have tile in the master bathroom.


Look what I found!


I don’t know if I’m completely in love with it, but it’s got a stone look in neutral gray browns and I’m not sure if I can ask for anything more than that. All the actual slate I looked at was too blue or too colorful.

Here’s what this Marazzi tile looks like on the floor…

I added a couple of other elements I’ll be using in the master bath into the equation, and came up with this:

master_bath_styleThat’s rustic walnut for the cabinetry, Venetian bronze fixtures from Delta Faucets, natural fiber rugs, and Kohler Escale sinks to match the swimming pool uh, bath tub.

The only real concern I have with the tile is that it only comes in 9″ or 16″ squares, when I was really hoping for large rectangles to lay in a brickwork pattern. Here’s what the main floor space looks like from the shower (to the left) and closet (to the right) looking through to the tub and fireplace.


What do you think… large tiles on the diagonal? Small tiles in a brickwork pattern? Keep looking?

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  1. Personally, I would keep looking. But that’s just me. I don’t think they’re bad though. I would do the large tiles.

  2. I agree with Sarah. If you really want the rectangle tile, then keep looking. No sense in talking yourself into a size/style if you’re not in love with it because you may be disappointed later. Your first LONG tile search was a headache and annoying, but aren’t you super happy with the results?

  3. Yea, I’d say large tiles in a brickwork pattern. That’s my current favorite and I think it holds up over time aesthetically. Plus the larger tiles go down fast (but are a pain to cut in tight spaces). I had a friend use these tiles before in their large bathroom –,0,282953/Imola-Ceramica-Tile-Stone/_/Antares-16-x-24-Brown/product.htm#NAV. We placed them in a brick pattern and it turned out great. Has a cool rusted metal type look to it. Tiles were very sturdy too – we didn’t break any tiles in a 120 sqft bathroom. We did have to use a few bags of self leveling compound to make all the tiles easy to lay.

    1. I totally considered it! They’re kind of tumbled around the edges though, so I think you’d be able to tell. I think I’m going to keep my eyes open for the rectangles still…

  4. Not sure what the edge on that tile is like, but do what Carrie suggested, and cut square tiles in half. We did that in our bathroom … took 12×24 tiles and cut them down to 6×24 because that’s the look we wanted but they didn’t make them in that size.

  5. I think you are on the right track but I’d look for some in a different size because I think that brick work pattern would look the best. Here are some other slate look alikes all of which come in at least one rectangular shape.

    This one is supposed to be warmer looking in person than it does online:

  6. I think you are on the right track with the slate look alikes! I’d try to find one in that rectangular shape though unless you really love that one…in that case I’d cut them down to size. Tile shops sell stones you can use to bevel the edges (if the tiles have a micro-bevel for example). Here are some other choices all of which come in the shape you’re looking for:

    This one is supposed to look warmer in person than it does online:

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