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I was taking a couple of in-progress shots of the house tonight when a glimpse out of the laundry room window revealed an excellent view of some of my very favorite things: Miniature donkeys and MysteryMan cruising down the street on a tractor. I never know if it’s the irony or the awesomeness of these moments that makes me laugh, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And speaking of awesome, look what I happened to find at Lowe’s the other day:


Yes, that’s a doweling jig. The $28 saved me about 4 hours of drilling and re-drilling holes over the weekend and I will be forever grateful for that. If you want a little more info on how the jig works, I’ve updated my recent Joinery 101: Making Dowel Joints post to include some additional info.

In other progress, the full bath is one step closer to finished with painted cedar boards up on the second wall. There’s a rumor that there may be a toilet in there sooner rather than later.


And not to overlook MysteryMan’s hard work over the last week (it’s not all driving tractors out here in the country), the luan is down in the master bedroom, which puts us just 400 square feet of 3″ walnut boards away from having a finished floor in here.


If you’re wondering about the luan, I’ll admit that I am too. I mentioned our floors came from a place in Mason, MI called Launstein Hardwood. It’s a solid wood, 3/8″ thick. For installation they recommend putting 1/4″ luan down over your OSB subfloor, and then both gluing and stapling the floor down. The only other 3/8″ flooring I’ve used was the engineered hardwood that I put in my old kitchen and the new bathroom. I’m assuming because the walnut flooring is not laminated, the luan and adhesive give it added strength, and since the manufacturer recommends it, we’re doing it the way they say.

I mean, we can’t argue with the results in the closet, that’s for sure.


I’ve managed to re-schedule the vacation I missed last week for next week, and the dude and I are planning to use those days to tackle the bedroom floor, which will put us one giant step closer to not living in a garage. Anything that helps us achieve that goal goes on my favorites list for sure.

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