No One Should Be This Excited About Laundry

Those are our actual dirty socks, actually getting clean, in our actual real house. This is an epic moment in the Memorial house history, because it’s the first time in three years of owning the property that something has come out of that house cleaner than when it went in.


Even though it still looks like a complete construction zone and if a stray sock falls on the floor between the washer and dryer it will be covered in sawdust. But listen, beggars can’t be choosers.

I had a moment of panic when I tried to run the first load of laundry and when the cycle said “done” the clothes were barely damp and still smelled like MysteryMan’s feet, but it turns out I didn’t reset it from the test cycle The Plumbers* ran when they installed it. After that little bit of user error on my part, things have gone well and I’m glad I went with this set.

Next up in the laundry adventure will be building a clothesline in the back yard– and that will hopefully be the last thing about actual dirty clothes I feel compelled to write about on the internet.

*The Plumbers recently found this website, and I’ve threatened them with starting a series of posts called “Things The Plumbers Told Me”, which would include the laundry fun-fact of the day: If you don’t use dryer sheets, your dryer vent won’t get clogged. Instead use white vinegar in the washer and a couple of tennis balls in the dryer.

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  1. This is an INCREDIBLY epic moment. I feel it all the way here in Jersey. Truly.

    One of the things I LOVE about your top-loader choice, is you can add all those last minute & forgotten items. I always manage to forget a sock or tea towel that I need to add after starting the cycle. Top loaders are *clutch* for people like me. Nice pick!

  2. After having been without my washer for the past week, I ABSOLUTELY celebrate your epic moment! I can’t imagine how you didn’t lose your sanity going as long as you did without your own washer & dryer. Seriously! I will never take the ability to do laundry in my own house EVER again. I’ve never followed anything as closely as I did tracking the lid switch I ordered off eBay (the part I needed to repair my washer).

    Which brings up another point … Thanks to women like you, Stucco House, This D*mn House & Kelly House (the fist women DIYers I started following years ago), I not only fixed my own washer last week, I also fixed my dishwasher. You ladies inspire me. I’ve always been a mild DIYer, but fixing appliances – never would have tried it even a few years ago. So again – THANK YOU!

  3. I use white vinegar in the rinse cycle for my towels – they absorb water better than if I would use fabric softener. And they don’t get that “sour” smell if we use them for more than a few days (they never seem to dry out in day to day use here in Florida). They come out of the dryer nice & fluffly with no static without using tennis balls.

    While I know it would work just fine for all my wash I’m still using fabric softener in the rinse for my clothes – I know I won’t smell like a pickle but just can’t do it.

    And I totally understand the thrill of having your owne washer & dryer – my husband claims that he bought a house so he wouldn’t have to go to the laundromat any more.

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