Vacation: Day 4

Among other things I spent a little time working on the master bath vanity today. With two sinks this beast is supposed to be 84″ long, and if you’ve ever priced out an 84″ vanity, then you’ll understand why I decided to get a little creative instead.

In lieu of building the vanity from scratch like the one for the full bath, I decided it would be cheaper and more time efficient to modify some stock cabinets– you know, so I have more time to loll about on the couch and such.

Here’s the configuration:


30″ cabinets (to be used as sink bases) on the ends, and a 24″ drawer base in the middle. Kind of 80’s, right?

I mentioned a few days ago I found a local hardwood supplier and picked up some walnut one-by to make new drawer and door fronts.


I started by gutting the sink bases– removing the drawers and door hardware. I also did this for the sink in the gas station kitchenette by using the same drawer front but installing new hinges for a little additional under-sink storage. For the master bath, I’m just going to use one longer piece of walnut and screw it in to the top of the sink bases.


I’ve also modified the drawer base for just two drawers. The normal one up top and then a large drawer on the bottom that will hold bathroom appliances on top (hair dryer, beard trimmer, etc.) and miscellaneous bathroom products on the bottom. I’m still working out the details, but I had the foresight to put an outlet behind that middle cabinet and I’m thinking of using some of these metal inserts from Sally’s so that the hair dryer and flat iron can stay plugged in and put away in the drawer without requiring me to like, do any organizing. Because I won’t.

The one hold-up is deciding whether or not I want to run the boards on the large drawer vertically like the cabinet doors, or horizontally for something a little different. Oh, and waiting for it to stop snowing in April so I can rip all of the boards down to length and either dowel them or attach them with braced on the back side.

I’ll either be staining the oak cabinets dark brown or ebony so they don’t clash with those walnut doors, once I’ve got them finished and sealed.

Total cost (including hardware) $520. Almost half the price of anything I’ve found pre-made, and way more fun to put together.

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  1. Good ‘bathroom cabinet’ price fixing scheme. Why – for gods sake – should a cabinet cost as much as they’re charging?!

    Also? There is a definitely also a ‘non-hideous medicine cabinet’ price fixing scheme.

    Fucking Monsanto.

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