Finally, A Finished Floor

It should come as no surprise that after the original tiling fiasco and the cutting of a hole in the last tile, that the master bathroom floor has been my nemesis for the last few weeks.

You may wonder how, if I was two tiles short, I actually managed to finish the floor at all, and the answer would be here…


Instead of continuing the tile into the small closet, I used scrap wood flooring similar to the master closet to save myself a few tiles. It meant going through the same process of gluing and nailing the floor as the bedroom.


But in a much smaller space.


It was an awesome hour of my life. But, you know, all closet work eventually comes to an end.


Since the tile floor was even with the wood floor in the closets and bedroom, I decided not to use a threshold and just grout between the two floors. I used a little painters tape to protect the wood, and it worked out well.


And after hours of mud, and sponging, and wiping down the floor on my hands and knees (more on grouting floor tile here), I finally, finally have a finished floor.



So that’s the good news. The bad news is that I have an absolute disaster going on with the concrete counters but I’ll save photographic evidence of the mistake I made there for a later date. Like tomorrow. (Cliffhanger: It also includes blood!)

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  1. We have a tile to wood floor transition between our living room and office which is grouted just like that. It has worked perfectly for 21 years, so I think you’re good to go. And for your sake, I hope tomorrow’s post does not include copious amounts of blood!

  2. Your blood, sweat, tears & tirades are paying off! Love the finished floor. Really like the transition and to know from “hjc” comment that it’ll hold up. Blood? Okay… you both still have all your eyes & digits….right?

  3. If the grout doesn’t hold up at the transition point, whether due to traffic (although I doubt that’s an issue given the location) or the expansion and contraction of the wood, an alternative to grout is a color-matched caulk.

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