Soaked (Finally)

Check this off the list of Things-I’ve-been-mentioning-for-a year-and-can-finally-shut-up-about: This house now has one big bathtub. (Technically I’ve only really been pining after it since it

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Building a DIY Mirror Frame

I’d been having a little difficulty picking out mirrors for the master bath. And by “a little difficulty” I mean that I developed a twitch

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Designing the Perfect Desk

I’m finding that drawing up plans to build the perfect desk is slightly more difficult than, say, a bathroom vanity. The latter, as far as

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Drywall 101: Drywalling Basics

“Let’s hang and finish some drywall!” Yeah. Here’s my guess at the three most common reactions to that statement: Your face squinched up. The blood

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Death By Paint Swatch

I’m starting to believe that someone could suffocate in the number of paint swatches I’ve managed to accumulate over the last couple of weeks. That

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