A Half-Working Master Bath Is Better Than Nothing

Last weekend wasn’t all fun and playing with jigs, you know. There was serious work to be done to get the Master Bath ready for some actual bathroom fixtures. For example, I had to put some baseboard in.


Which sounds easy, but “putting baseboard in” around here means actually making the baseboard by running it through the router table to get a beveled edge, staining it (twice), putting on a coat of poly, and then installing it.


The fun part is that I’m getting a lot of use out of my new toy tool, but the fact that the house now contains two toilets can’t be discounted.

Here’s a lesson I learned after spending a year living in a garage… things like having multiple toilets all of the sudden become very exciting. Also, that one tile, you know, the one that almost cost me my sanity? Totally concealed.

I also trimmed in the window behind the toilet, and finished this one over the tub.


Since the fumes from the cordless nailer weren’t giving me quite the buzz I was looking for, I also spent a little time with some ebony stain turning this…


Into this…


Like everything else in this bathroom, I’m having a major mental block over the vanity. I love the ebony stain, and was planning on making doors out of some 1x walnut stock, but…


I don’t know if I’m feeling it.

At least the sinks are working, but I learned some things about one-hole faucets. Namely 1.) I don’t like them, and 2.) I think bronze fixtures should always come straight off the counter or wall, not off the bright white porcelain of the sink.


Originally I wanted the Escale sinks to match the tub, but then I saw the pricetag and fell off my chair in shock. $350 apiece, as opposed to the $50 I paid for the ones you see installed. The moral of this story is when I see six hundred little dollar signs floating above the one-hole faucets I feel a lot more warmly towards them.

The truth is, I’m not quite loving the room yet even though it does have a working toilet and sinks. I think having the bigass tub installed might be a game-changer. In the meantime I still have a ways to go on the tile around the fireplace, and backsplashes, and there’s still the little matter of mirrors and light fixtures. I think I can procrastinate on those for at least another week while I work on my new desk plans though. Priorities, people.

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  1. I know how you feel – things are always hard to love piece by piece, but it looks like it’s going to come together really well. Don’t get too deflated! I’m really excited to see how it all looks when you finally can do your “Big Reveal!” 🙂 What vibe are you going with for this bathroom? Kind of an industrial rustic? Does that sound contradictory? haha

  2. Could you maybe incorporate some bronze grill work in the cabinet door fronts to draw attention away from the BRONZE that is the fixtures? Or at least the one door front in middle that isn’t hiding plumbing? I agree with the assessment of the bronze on the white, needs to be softened somehow. The walnut door fronts to me are also doing something to the flow there that I don’t like but I cannot put finger on.
    I guess if it were me I would try to draw eye up to fab mirror or lighting and/or down to the door fronts. Should help take away the stark contrast of the bronze on white of the sinks. Everything is looking pretty great though!

  3. Oh, I know what it is now with the walnut door fronts! I looked at photos again and I see the nice set-in sinks and the fixtures flowing out of them nicely and then WHAM there are those door/drawer fronts. Could you do the set in style door fronts or is it too late to do hinges internally and have flat face fronts to the vanity? I know they are much harder to make and get them to hang perfectly inside the cabinet frame but boy now that would really make a statement in that vanity.

  4. You probably know about overstock.com? I have gotten plumbing fixtures cheaply there.

    Those one hole faucets will be really easy to clean around, though. Why people install complicated faucets very close to the wall is like no forethought for the person who has to clean them.

  5. I don’t mind the bronze fixtures at all on the white. It think it looks fine. I think once the room is done it will all tie in nicely. Are you staining the walnut fronts or just leaving them natural. Walnut is my FAVORITE wood!

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