Alternate Realities That Include Bob Vila

Do you ever think if you’d taken a right instead of a left at some point in your life you’d be in an entirely different place right now? I like to picture one of my alternate realities as a world in which I frequently shower and don’t have a trail of sawdust following me around everywhere. Somewhere I’ve never found a mouse in my shoe, or worse, my bed. A place where meals come hot from the stove instead of a microwave. And while that version of me would probably be prettier and much more pleasant, she definitely wouldn’t be buddies with Bob Vila.

I do spend a lot of time thinking about and writing about home improvement topics– if you can’t tell, I am passionate about this stuff, particularly about getting people to believe that they too can make big messes with power tools– so I don’t know that it was altogether surprising when I was asked to join Bob’s home improvement website,, as a contributing blogger. However, I will say it was a little surreal to see my name on his website. Along with stuff I actually wrote about home improvement. And pictures of my house.



I mean, screw being well groomed, this version of reality is pretty cool. Especially when you consider that there was a time (seven short years ago) that I was sitting on the stairs of my broken house sobbing tears of frustration over a contractor who wouldn’t listen to me about my house.

That was before I was in the habit of throwing tools at people, by the way, which I highly recommend for getting your point across.

And all of that is a long way of saying that 1.) this is awesome, and 2.) I’ll be contributing to Bob’s Blog once a week with somewhat shorter home maintenance How To’s that compliment the usual projects you see here on DIYdiva. 

My first post is a quick tutorial on grouting tile. If you’re a fan I’d love it if you’d hop on over and leave any grouting tips and tricks, or just an “OMG your name is next to Bob Vilas!!!” in the comments.

Also, thank you to all of the readers, commenters, and lurkers that make keeping up DIYdiva and writing about DIY so much fun!

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  1. How cool is that!?! I’m commenting here, instead of there, but wanted to let you know that I truly enjoy reading your posts. I found you first by looking for info on how to do texture on drywall. I have been a lurker since. You are a terrific writer and I have learned so much from your posts and have enjoyed following your adventures as you build your house. Keep up the great work!

  2. Holy crap. I liked you before. Now you’re my hero. Tool throwing and all (in fact that makes me like you more).

  3. Your reality is plenty cool and we are semi-sorta-cool because we get to read your coolness, both here and at BOB VILA’S SITE! Congratulations – the new gig is well-deserved.

  4. Congrats!! I love your how-to posts anyway and it’s so great to see one in another context!

    Have I grouted my own tile yet? No. But since I started reading your blog, I believe I could – probably half the battle right there.

  5. That is seriously awesome Kit! Way to go! I’m pretty sure my carpenter father and FIL wouldn’t be able to stop bragging about me if I was on Bob Vila’s website. I mean it’s freakin’ BOB VILA!!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! So awesome and you earned it! I think I’ll have to practice on the throwing tools thing…maybe start with aiming screwdriver at the trees I want cut down!

  7. Great job! It’s about time someone is taking advantage of your talent for writing articles.

  8. Enormous congratters on your new forum! I read your article– great tip about using the dry cloth for the final wipe– and I’ll leave a comment when I’m not feeling childishly rebellious about having to register with yet another website.

  9. Congratulations. Although I have to temper that with the knowledge that I could see from the get go that you were destined for bigger and better things. Keep at it, Kit. You have a unique voice that will surely get you far with this blogging thing.

  10. I love how you speak in the 3rd person:

    “…she definitely wouldn’t be buddies with Bob Vila.”

    My kind of girl…speaks in the 3rd person/is super-talented/witty/funny/a rebel/shamelessly loves diversion when under the gun (i.e., talkin’ about strawberries when a bathroom concrete counter dilemma needs resolving…). 🙂

    I definitely agree with Joseph who said – “I could see from the get go that you were destined for bigger and better things.” Yep…’bout sums it up!! Congratulations – you so deserve it.

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