Death By Paint Swatch

I’m starting to believe that someone could suffocate in the number of paint swatches I’ve managed to accumulate over the last couple of weeks. That someone will probably be me, but I’m holding out until after the long weekend.

While there’s so many other projects I could be working on, I’ve decided the holiday weekend calls for something more relaxing. Which means I’ll be texturing the drywall and painting at least three rooms in the house.

Here are some of the colors I’ve been considering…

Shades of gray and green in the kitchen:



Similar (or the same) color for the great room:


And blues or greens for the office area:



I love people who are like, we picked out three shades, painted some swatches, and picked the perfect color all in a day! That is a gift, and it is not one I posses. You’ll remember that I went through this same 250-paint-swatch routine in the master bedroom and bath as well.

The fact that the kitchen, office, and great room are all very open to each other makes these color choices challenging, particularly if I want to use different colors without making it feel like you just stepped into a Crayola box.

However, I’ve got a few hours of fun with drywall mud before I have to go to the paint store and make an actual decision. Here’s to paint rollers and long weekends!

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  1. Oh I feel your pain. I went through close to 50 swatches on the bathroom. Chose a color, hated it, went through more swatches. Finally chose a color, loved it. Thank God — because I would’ve been committed had I had to do this again.

    I like the bottom gray swatch in the second picture for what it’s worth.

  2. I love picking out paint, but it’s really easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices. What’s easiest to me is to pick a paint swatch where I can see the undertones (blue could have purple, green, red or gray; gray could have brown, blue, yellow, etc; white could have just about any color and so on and so forth) and then try and be consistent in the public spaces and within the finishes. If your flooring has a yellow undertone don’t choose a paint with a pink undertone, etc.

    From your pictures I’d choose:

    1. middle left (one on the right is too muddy)
    2. bottom one near the microwave
    3. Is that a swatch on the far left? If it is I’d pick that one or the blue. The blue is better than the muddy greige.
    4. top one
    5. bottom one

    Good luck!

  3. Just a helpful (or not so much) hint. You can order a Sherwin Williams paint deck and order 8×10 sheets of any color at no cost. If you order 3 of each color, you can put two in the corner adjacent to each other and one in the middle of a wall and really see how the paint will look.

    (you might be able to do this with other companies as well)

    Free, and recyclable.

  4. I hate picking out paint colors especially because my back hall to kitchen to dining room to living room to stairs to upper hall ALL HAVE TO FLOW…sucks…meanwhile really like the lighter grey!

  5. For what it’s worth — as if you’ll have the patience to correlate all these! — I really like the top swatch in the 4th picture.
    In the 1st picture, I like the top-left one. I’m not a fan of the greenish swatch on the right in the 1st picture, possibly because I chose the same green as an accent wall in my living room and I’ve disliked it ever since it dried… Perhaps I should finally repaint it!

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