Quick Chalkboard Storage Containers

I have to say that when the whole chalkboard craze started, I staunchly refused to dive headfirst into a can of chalky black paint. I don’t know if this is tied to my dislike of things that remind me of school, or because it seemed like a lot of upkeep. A sign you hang. A chalkboard wall you’re obligated to update, because if you don’t… why didn’t you just make a sign in the first place?

I finally caved for a little knockoff Pottery Barn organizer that I’m working on for the not-study, and while I was at it I had the idea for this little project.


I try to be really good at not collecting junk, but for some reason I have a hard time throwing away these metal tea and hot chocolate* tins. It seems like they must be good for something, but I also don’t want to see the same hot chocolate tin in every room of the house either. Because honestly, the less reminders I have the chocolate exists, the better.

Anyway, a quick rinse and the containers were ready for the first coat of paint. I tried bot brush and roller for the application, and I liked the texture from the roller better.


The I wandered off and worked on another few projects for a while. (Yes, the project ADD is completely and insanely out of hand, but I just can’t stop.)

I used the roller for the second coat of paint on all of the tins, except for the lids that I used a small brush for.


What I love about these is that I can label the containers however I want and when I inevitably decide they’d be better as a vase in the kitchen, or a place for keys in the hallway, I can relabel and redecorate them appropriately.


The hot chocolate containers had a raised “Hot Chocolate” on the front, and this design that I decided to trace with the chalk on the back.


And, speaking of school, does anything take you back to school shopping like the smell of pink erasers and number 2 pencils?

I also realized when taking these pictures that it’s not really a wish “jar” and more of a wish “box” and thanks to the chalkboard paint, that was pretty easy to solve.


As soon as I get enough money in there I’m going to re-label it “Poison” to keep people out. Genius, right?


It was a small victory in my ongoing quest to organize the office. More on that later this week, but for now you’ll have to excuse me so I can go sharpen all of my pencils.

*I know it’s pricey but this Williams Sonoma hot chocolate is literally the best thing I’ve ever tasted. It makes not being able to feel my extremities for half the year bearable.

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  1. LOL, those are adorable, who’s going to invent chalkboard paint in different colors?

    1. But it’s still a great idea. I’m kind of partial to the old school black with white chalk, but do you know how hard it is to find plain white chalk these days? Crazy.

  2. LOL, well I work at a church & have access to a lot of white chalk 🙂 It’s a fav of the kids to go draw on the sidewalks. But, my desk here at home is black & my computer room is dark, so I was thinking I needed the punch of color.

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