La Femme Makita, Part Deux

Any of you who were around the site before it was restyled a few months ago may be familiar with this picture:

I snapped this pic maybe three years ago while working on a  new blog header, and it quickly became the quintessential DIYdiva image… which Mark from Rehab or Die named “La Femme Makita”. Since that time I started living in a garage, stopped cutting my hair, built a house, and also apparently lost the original files for this image. Shocking, right? Because everything in my life is so organized and under control.

So when the folks over at The Family Handyman asked for a high-res copy to accompany an article I recently wrote for them about my beloved drill, I knew it was time for La Femme Makita, Part Deux.


As you can see, still making a fashion statement with $1.50 wife beaters. That’s probably the exact same one, actually… those things last forever. I did have to change up the pose a bit because with the new ‘do I was looking more “Cousin It” than badass while looking down. But now I can see where I’m aiming, which– as anyone who has been in the line of fire when I throw a hammer has learned– is way more dangerous.

Also, it’s actually not easy to hold a drill out at arms length like that for an extended period of time. Or I’m a wuss. Either way, three years later I still really love my Makita.

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  1. I love it! Can I be your sidekick or arch nemesis?[img][/img]

    1. Oh my god Brooke, this is an awesome picture. I think we may have just come up with a new superhero movie!

  2. I seriously love both pictures! Laughing about your locks, because if you are like me you are just too lazy to get haircuts anymore. They require putting down the power tools and either hiring a sitter or bringing an iPhone & iPad for both boys to be able to play Angry Birds without fighting. Sheesh. Easier to just grow it long.


    1. You are exactly right… It was just too much to manage so when it got past the awkward length I just let it grow wild!

  3. I give you some bada$$ props for holding the drill with a straight arm!

    Brooke your picture rocks too!

    I gotta stop working in crocs and cotton gaucho pants 😉

  4. Holy crap, I think Brooke wins for fear factor. Love the new pic because the drill is shiiiiiiiiinier. Both old & new remind me of the TERRIFYING Ewan McGregor movie, Shallow Grave. Seen it?

  5. Love it! I’m still working with hubby’s cast-off tools — including an old DeWalt power drill. Just bought my very OWN compound mitre saw — which I love. Next on my list — this Makita. Thanks for the post! <3 DIY Barbie <3

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