Lunchbreak Study Organization

I’m slowly but surely making some progress on turning the study into an actual place where I can work without the fear of being crushed under piles of paper.

What became clear when I took a hard look at my work spaces was that I need some serious organizational help. I considered making something similar to these bins from Pottery Barn and then I realized I have a backlog of about 3,467 projects and would never get to these, so I just bought them instead.

They arrived three days later and I was like, What? No searching for impossible-to-find materials? No scratching the shit out of myself with chicken wire? No digging through boxes of tools to find the soldiering iron? Dude, this is no fun at all. But it sure is fast.

I’m so used to DIYing things that I searched through the house for 10 minutes for suitable drywall anchors until I realized they came with the bins.


These are self-tapping anchors so you don’t have to drill a hole first, just screw them in. (I use a drill, of course, but you can do it with a screwdriver and some elbow grease.)


Then the screws get driven into the anchors most of the wall, and you slide the rack over top of them.


And look, no longer covered in miscellanous papers and magazines… what is the world coming to?


But clearly it still needs a lot of work. I’ve got one more organization-related project up my sleeve before I start working on the new desk.

Although just cropping my pictures tighter also works wonders…


(And check out that wall texture. Looks great in this room with the light from the door.)

So that was a quick easy update that took less than 30 minutes to complete. And now my lunch break is over!

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