Pins, Pinned, Has Pun

So, yes, I did have a little project ADD relapse a couple of weeks ago and have been playing catch-up with half a dozen of the unfinished projects I started ever since. But it’s hard to be mad at myself when I’ve been building stuff like this.


Which you may notice looks suspiciously like one from Pottery Barn (except for the fact that it cost under $30 to build and doesn’t come with seven spools of oddly placed thread for decoration.) Also, I wanted more space for pinning, less space for chalkboarding, and that’s the beauty of building your own anything… you can make it just the way you want.

I’ll be putting the finishing touches on a build-your-own cheat sheet tonight and the full how-to will be posted tomorrow, but I was so excited about the way that it turned out that I just had to share.

And speaking of pinning things places, I finally joined Pintrest and you can find me here. If you want a sneak peek of things I’m probably going to build someday keep an eye on this board.

At some point I’m going to have to go back to building a house, but to be honest, the plywood kitchen counters are really growing on me.


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