Planning For a DIYcation

Many of my fellow powertool junkies will agree, days off from the Actual Real Job aren’t meant for “vacation” so much as they are an excellent excuse to spend more time playing in sawdust.

And I am just three short days away from a six day building fest. Why six? Because I’m actually taking three days to do what normal people do on the weekends. Read books. Do laundry. Play with donkeys. Take naps. It’s going to be epic.

Then I’m going to build and paint and wallow in DIY heaven. On the list of projects to complete are:

#1 Kitchen Walls


These things have been half-textured for at least a month. I’ll be finishing up that fun task, priming, and hopefully painting the walls.

#2 Shelving Galore

One of the best things about this house is the 52 closets that were built into it. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration. There are 10 closets, which is not an exaggeration, and exactly one of them is functional at the moment because the rest have a complete lack of shelving.

So… I’ll be remedying that for at least three closets with some custom built shelves, and maybe a couple of those wire deals as well. (Hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.)

#3 Master Bath Vanity


Once the mirrors were in there, I basically just spread my crap across the acres of concrete counters and called it a day. Because I’m lazy, or else was too busy building art that I have no place to hang. Hel-lo project avoidance.

It’s because I don’t think I’m going to love how the vanity doors turn out and I can’t seem to come up with a good alternative. So it’s going to be suck-it-up-and-get-it-done time.

#4 Master Bath Tile


Heh. I have no words, and no excuse for why this still isn’t finished.

#5 Doors!

There is currently a direct line of site from the commode in the master bath through the bedroom windows to the driveway. So. Good thing this house is out in the country, but still… There are three doors currently awaiting polyurethane, and at least one more that needs to be stained. And a whole lot of door trim to hang.

#6 Boxes

I’ve had a neglected set of dovetail jigs sitting in the garage for over a year, and I’m dying to get some quality time in with them. I’d like to build some file storage and stacking boxes for the closet,

And that, my friends, would be one project a day for my DIYcation, which would be an awesome accomplishment. Even better if I can squeeze in a couple of these.

Bonus Project #1 Kitchen Counters

That’s right, the butcher block counters for the kitchen have been ordered, and may be here next week. There will be a lot of pre-work done on them including moving one cabinet around, but maybe just maybe I won’t be washing dishes in the laundry room in a couple of weeks. (The joke here is that I never do the dishes, even if there is a kitchen sink.)

Bonus Project #2 Mom’s Vanity


If you’re wondering why I haven’t updated you on my mom’s vanity, it’s because we haven’t done anything with it yet. We’re thinking about leaving it centered along with the light and mirror (so that no electrical and plumbing needs to be done) which means it’s just tiling and setting the sink and toilet to get us a good part of the way done.

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  1. You’re a genius. I’m constantly saying we need to stay home and do a DIY vacation. Do you know how much I could get done if I didn’t have to go to that pesky place that pays me?

  2. A certain amount of rest and relaxation is vital. I have found that when I just work, work, work I eventually get a little slap-happy. As for your projects, you probably already know this, but closet shelving is an absolute piece of cake. All you have to do is run ledgers around the three walls, nailing or screwing into studs. Plop a shelf on top of that secured with a few nails, and you’re good to go.

  3. Whatever you DIY while you’re not doing your day job, make it fun and have wine & chocolate at the end of each day!

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