5 Ways To Get Out of the 168 Hour Funk

Judging by the title of this post I feel like I should be writing about something that occurs in long-forgotten gym bags, but you can unplug your nose because my topic today is about a decidedly less odorous “funk.”  For a little background info read this.

I’ve been having a little trouble figuring out how one person can possibly fit everything they love into the scant 168 hours we’re given every week, and since no one offered me use of their Delorean yesterday I came up with the second best thing to time travel… a list.

For any of you who are also suffering from the too-much-to-do-not-enough-time disorder, this is not a magic solution, but it might make your eye twitch a little less when you look at the clock.

#1 – Paint Something

Seriously, it can be something small like the lid of this mason jar Ashley from 7HL just painted for a pop of color in her laundry room, but even making a little change can make you feel like you accomplished something.

I, for one, broke out the roller and spent 30 minutes painting the inside of the kitchen pantry last night and then spray painted the pantry shelves today. Because even if giving something a quick makeover doesn’t make you feel better, inhaling the paint fumes will. (Just kidding, always wear you respirator. Huffing is for losers.)

#2 – Don’t Wait

Micha from A Little Old House left a great comment on yesterdays post.

I started inviting friends over into our half-finished house. Dear husband was shocked at first. “But the house isn’t done!” to which I responded, that it might never be completely done and then what?

I think we probably set ourselves up for failure sometimes, looking at all of the great “after” pictures found on design blogs. You know what? Sometimes the best you get is a mostly-done-in-progress, and there’s nothing wrong with that. So invite people over, take that weekend away, or just give yourself some time to hang out even though not everything is done.

#3 – Get Inspired

I recommend Pinterest for a good dose of inspiration, since it is personally responsible for at least three of my recent projects.

Some things that have recently inspired me…

This tree art:

This old, ugly farm house:

Seeing possibilities is one of the things that gets me excited and gives me extra motivation to complete the projects I’m working on at the moment.

#4 – Change It Up

Listen, when it comes to stress, perception is half the battle. Perception influences attitude, and attitude is everything. A wise woman with a flying umbrella once said, “with every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.” Changing up my routine helped me change my mindset from “another thing I have to get done” to “I got that done already? Awesome.” Even if I didn’t get more done, at least it was different stuff at the bottom of the list.

#5 – Do What You Love

When I put things in perspective yes, it does suck that I can’t do all of the things I want to do all of the time, but I’m also fortunate to have the time and abilities to do what I love most — make messes, build things, and hopefully inspire people to start their own projects.

I make accidentally get taken out by a zonbie hunter one of these days, but in the meantime my kitchen is going to look freaking awesome.

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  1. Good stuff you are learning and sharing – have a great weekend (how many hours is that exactly?)!

  2. Great post! I’m in the middle of renovating my house too, and its hard for me to have people over because it’s ‘not finished’. I’m finally just realizing that it won’t ever be fully finished (but picking up my three projects in the living room before company comes over would be nice). 😉

  3. I would just like to mention that your blog consistently makes me feel better about all of my half finished projects, and the way those projects get done. (Like only getting up 2’x3′ sections of tile per night, even though my dad keeps saying “it would be faster if you did it all at once” – who has 8 hours for that???) It’s great to know there are other people trying to live life and fix their bathrooms all at the same time. And 2 hours spent here and there do add up to a finished project. Go for the small wins sometimes!

  4. There’s a lot to be said for just having people over anyway. You’re right; it takes way too many years to get to the end of all those projects.

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