It’s Funny Because It’s True

A few weeks ago I mentioned that 3M recently launched a Couple Speak contest where you can submit a video (for a chance at a $5000 prize) or submit a “translation” (for a chance at $250 every week.) And you guys left some hilarious comments about your own Couple Speak translations. My favorite, from Nicole…

He says: Honey, do we have any duct tape?
He means: Honey, I’ve decided to dramatically expand the scope of our project to do something that requires a) materials that we don’t have, b) materials I haven’t researched, or c) materials that I’m going to invent right now with duct tape.
She hears: Crap, he broke something.

Right? Funny because it’s true. Also funny because it’s true is this little gem I’ve been keeping from you since last fall when I was installing cedar siding on Memorial House…

One Girl + One Piece of Siding from kitliz on Vimeo.

Really, is it any wonder that HGTV hasn’t come knocking on my door?

There are so many other DIY bloggers that do really great video tutorials, and basically everything capture on film is me spending a lot of time maneuvering awkward-sized building materials into place.

Informative? No. Funny? You decide.

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  1. Ahahahaha! I was totally going, “when is she going to give up?” But you go girl. Except please tell me you hung that piece of siding with more than one nail?

    1. Oh yeah, once my arm recovered I nailed it on every stud. Believe me, I didn’t want that board going anywhere.

      Also, hanging wood siding isn’t always that hard. When I was working on it I usually had help, or was installing smaller more manageable sections.

    1. Love it. Are you on pintrest yet Robin? If so I need to follow your boards. I swear they built that site just for you!

      1. LOL yes I joined a while ago but never really used it. I haven’t added anything yet just finding pretty things from other people for now. Someday I’ll add some of the **cough** thousands of organized pictures I’ve saved to external hard drive over the last 3 years. I’m 3acres on Pinterest.

  2. Great video! I needed cheering up.

    I see what you mean by not liking the word “can’t”.


  3. I sided my whole garage by myself, mostly because it did not occur to me to ask for help. I was able to get it done because I bent some flat metal into little elongated “S” hook thinks that I could just lay the siding into. They were pretty much my extra hands. They got me within about a quarter inch of true every time. Then it was just a bit of a tweak, pound in a couple nails and pull out the hooks before nailing the rest of the piece. I would totally recommend making a set any time you hang siding, with or without help.

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