Here’s a project on the Memorial House I haven’t spent any time working on, but still looks awesome. This is what the front of the house looked like two months ago:


And now:


The posts from the main beam to the porch are the same with the addition of a nice coat of not maroon stain. (For any of you unfamiliar with that story it goes like this: I messed up, I bought a new tool and fixed it. The moral here is don’t let me pick out your stain colors, and new tools fix everything.)

The beam required quite a bit more work. To make it look like the solid wood posts, it needed to be boxed out…


And then covered with 1-by cedar trim…


There will be two more 6×6 posts on an angle above the beam in the traditional timberframe style, but since they’re decorative and not structural they don’t take priority.

I think it looks great and can’t wait to see it with the front of the house painted, but apparently not enough to actually paint the house. I’m still trying to find a new source of motivation because obviously I don’t have the whole “I better get this done because I’m going to be looking at it for the rest of my life” thing going on anymore.

However, back on the subject of beams, I recently checked out a place just a short walk away from this beauty…


Which almost makes up for the fact that the house comes without a kitchen.

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