It Is, In Fact, My Favorite Drill

Okay, yes, I do have a slightly unhealthy attachment to my drill. I admit it. Just like I admit you probably shouldn’t get me within three feet of any tool that I can buy, borrow, or snatch out of somebody’s hands and run away with. So when the folks at The Family Handyman magazine asked me to write about my favorite tools for them, I jumped at the chance to have a legitimate reason to continue to expand my tool collection.

See, I need that mini-lathe. I’m doing a public service here.

I wrote an article about The Makita a few months ago and shortly thereafter was asked to provide an updated rendition of the La Femme Makita picture–something I took quickly one evening after working on the house all day and which I suspected would be used as a tiny little image in the byline.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this…


So. That’s… larger, than expected.

Giselle I am not. However, I might have taken a brush to my hair if I knew just how prominent my head would be on this page. Or, given some of the horrendous pictures I’ve posted of myself on this website, maybe not.

Regardless, I’m a huge fan of The Family Handyman magazine so it’s incredibly awesome and fun to be working with them, and writing about things I love. Starting in the February issue you can expect to see me make a monthly appearance there. But I got way smarter about the picture this time.

(Also, big thanks to readers Kate H. and Lisa from JustOerTheRiver for giving me the heads up the November issue was out!)

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  1. Oh come on … you’re super cute. And the simple fact that you didn’t have to Photoshop the fat off the bottom of your arm before you sent that to them makes me more than a teensy bit jealous. But I suppose building a house helps with the triceps toning, huh?

    Anyway, congrats. That’s awesome.

  2. You really need to give yourself more credit for being gorgeous.

    Anyway, I love that you are writing for Family Handyman. I have walked by that magazine, longingly, and never been brave enough to get it. I don’t know who I think is watching and judging my magazine choices. But now – one of my favorite bloggers is writing for it! So now I have to! Again, why I need the justification is obscure. Girlish intimidation, maybe.

    Congratulations on a new column!

  3. I agree with Erin about the arm fat (i.e., you have none! Jealous!). I am also thinking that I couldn’t hold a drill in my hand with my arm straight out for even the moment it took to take the picture (not that anyone would ask me to!). Congrats on the magazine writing gig!

  4. I’m excited to read your new column. I got my husband a subscription to the Family Handyman awhile ago. I’m glad that he’ll be reading some “DIY Diva” now too! Congratulations!

  5. I love Family Handyman! I haven’t gotten to rip the plastic off my newest edition yet–glad to see that you will be in there. It happens to be my last issue, but I planned to renew when my middle schooler’s school has their magazine drive. I imagine just in time to see your new column. Congrats!!

  6. I found your blog after seeing it mentioned in The Family Handyman (what guy can resist a beautiful woman who loves tools) and after reading your blog I think I’m in love. But you probably hear that a lot.

  7. Aw Kit, I think it’s a great picture. Nothing sexier than a woman in tank top with power tools…lol. I think I found a new diy girl 😉 step aside Amy Wynn, there’a a new tool wielding babe in town…..
    Anyway, congrats on getting published in TFH. It’s one of my favorite mags.

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