Snapshots: October 14, 2011

This week has been unsurprisingly crazy, even though the appraisal on the house has been pushed back to next week. Here’s a quick look at what’s been going on.

The porches have ceilings. At least one does.

This is what happens when you pat a donkey. Donkeys like dust baths.

The last of the Tiny Planets, just needs to be matted and hung in the frame.

Benjamine Moore’s Revere Pewter (I’m really liking this color) is making a grand appearance in the kitchen. Also, the foil trick works wonders, no need to refrigerate the thing.

And another look at the painted, stained, and mostly-trimmed front porch.

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  1. That’s coming along nicely!

    Off the topic: Saw your bit in the new tool issue Family Handyman today. Yay!!!!! Why do I think you’re likely to be asked back?

    1. That’s so funny Kate, I didn’t know it was out until you commented! I loved that magazine even before they decided to put a pic of me with unbrushed hair in it…lol. Which, you’re right, I’ll be doing monthly, starting in February. 😉

  2. Kristin, The house looks amazing, you and mystery man have done an excellent job, my husband & I would have stopped at the first knocking down of the wall trick. We are not good with finishing projects, we are great at starting them. I am proud that you guys are working on the house still to finish it. Wishing the best for the appraisal! Hopefully the housing market up there in Michigan has gotten better and I hope Ohio follows because we need our Toledo house to go up in value 🙂 You have become such a success in the Handy Woman World and I did buy “The Family Handyman Home Improvement” magazine for November, excellent article-I really want to go out and buy that drill because I have the same issue with having to use two hands with the current drill I have it makes me look like a girl when I use it. Best wishes for your next big project, you never know it may be in Austin, Texas. LOL Looking forward to more blogs!

    1. Thanks Aud! You guys still need to give me a shout when you’re in town (and vice versa… you never know when I’ll make it down to Austin again!)

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