Well the paperwork has been signed, money has changed hands, deeds have been transferred, and for the first time in seven years I am a girl who has a bunch of tools and no house to build with them.

This is… disconcerting.

One of the great ironies of my life is that up until I was about 22 I kept saying “I’m never going to own a house… too much money, too much work.” Sometimes when I’m installing doors after midnight I picture the gods of home-ownership looking down on me, pointing and laughing. Because the joke is definitely on me, but it’s hard not to laugh with them when you love what you do. And I do love being covered in dirt, tackling big problems, and building things– even when it involves awesomeness like tetanus shots and trying to use pliers for emergency splinter removal. (Doesn’t work, by the way. Keep a pair of tweezers in your toolbox.)

Most of the time I’m exhausted and, let’s be honest, I look like it — luckily someone hasn’t shot me with a silver bullet or whatever the zombie-hunters are using these days– and every once in a while I throw an epic fit over things like cracking the very last bathroom tile. But despite all of that, working on a house that may (or may not) become my home is what keeps me grounded… although I’m really hoping the next one I build sticks around awhile.

In the meantime, I found a house to lease for 6 months that has a garage, basement with a work bench, and at least one falling down barn on the property… which are the sum total of its positive features, unless you count hot-pink tile on the bathroom walls (clearly I do not.) However my contractors license will finally be put to good use, since the owners have agreed to let me do some updates in exchange for discounted rent.

And I’m moving there in, uh, one week. I’ve also got an appointment with my favorite architect to help me come up with the perfect garage-barn-workshop-apartment plan for my future home.

Which means I now have six months to find the perfect property, finalize the plan, and build it from the ground up. So, you know, no pressure. (Trust me, there will be all kinds of professional help involved in this, mental and otherwise). Which puts us around, oh, mid- May. Crazy? Yes. But you know me, I like a challenge.



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  1. Hang in there, Kit. I know that can’t have been easy on you this week and I’m sure the stress level looking down the road of what the next 6 months will involve is probably through the roof. That’s great news though about the rental – that contractor’s license sure is handy! Congrats on the impending move! 🙂

  2. Oh my you are awesome 🙂 It looks like a cute little house you found. It’ll do for keeping you warm & dry this winter right… except for when you’re out in the cold building your new place. I’m so glad I found your blog & am very excited to watch & learn as you build!

  3. K, call me up if you need help with the move! What I lack in muscles I make up for by having a pickup truck. 😀

    Also, I know you said you have an architect you like, but you should toooootally at least chat with our house genius Steven about the plans for the new place. This is his website and he is a superhero: http://caddisdesign.com/

    xo, other K

  4. I was going to say you could live with me free of charge if you put in the upstairs! Joe would love it. It means he doesn’t have to! But your new place will keep you busy and at least warm over the winter. Good luck and I’m looking forward to watching your progress on your new place.

  5. Though a difficult start to a new adventure, a new “to do” list is already calling your name! All will fall into place one piece at a time and your sense of humor, desire to overcome challenges and having the support of friends and family will make this one of the best adventures yet.

  6. The new plan, the new house, is gonna be epic. i just feeeeeel it. from here, of course, in my protectiv, non-splinter, bubble…

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