I’ve made no secret of the fact that half of the reason I chose this particular old farm house to rent was because I like looking at all the falling down buildings on the property, and the other half is because I thought I may be able to dig through them for some forgotten treasure.

So basically I’m half hillbilly, half pirate.

But seriously, look what I found…


I’m wondering if after a thorough cleaning I might not be able to turn a couple of these into lamps. Or something.

And then, under this pile of scrap wood and bird poop…


Well hello there.


The ends of this table were a little warped, but the middle seemed okay, so I preformed a little impromptu amputation.


The mid-century moden-ish look isn’t usually my thing, but I feel like a good sanding and maybe a coat of stain and this table could be a nice little piece to have in the house.


Who knows what else I might dig up…

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  1. You might want to find out more about that table before you go much further with it. It could be pretty valuable!

  2. Love the jugs & the table! My aunt had a jug similar to those for a light and how it was wired, I don’t know because it was filled with colored water and they could change it to suit their decor or the season!

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