The Little Farm Table That Could

I really feel like this one should be called “the little girl who heaved a table onto her back, ran across two lanes of traffic and a parking lot, and shoved it into her SUV while half of Ann Arbor stopped dead in their tracks to gape at her” that could. Because I totally did.

Side note: For those of us who don’t have the wingspan to just grab either side of a table and pick it up by ourselves, the best thing you can do is bend the top half of your body down until you look like a sideways L, crouch-crawl under the table, and then stand up with the table on your back and two of the legs resting on your shoulders. You’ll look like an idiot, but it makes moving the table by yourself fifty times easier.

And in this case it was well worth the loss of my dignity…


If you recall a few days ago I shared some of the updates to my temporary bedroom, and it looked something like this.


That old table was bothering me so I was planning to give it a coat of paint, but after the great Junk Hunt this weekend I started to get other ideas.

Actually, what happened was that I started obsessing about this table.

When I first posted about it Sarah from Renewed Upon a Dream mentioned that she had just been to that store and the table was still there. Then I started picturing the dozens of people flocking to town specifically to find a little green $30 table, and I broke out into a cold sweat and had to call the store then and there to put it on hold. Seriously.

Then Katy and I went on the Junk Hunt Part 2: Speed Round (see what she got here) to pick up our treasures, which resulted in the afore mentioned human game of frogger.


All so I could have a new… um, well I don’t know exactly what you call this. I want to call it a vanity, but this baby is a vanity, right? So I guess we can just refer to my new little table as the five square feet in this house where I actually act like a girl.



Physical proof that I do indeed brush my hair, though you wouldn’t know it by any of the 8,453 pictures of me posted on this website.

(And yes, that is my rustic wood wall art you spy reflected in the mirror.)

So the little table needs a little work. Clearly it’s missing the front drawer, and I think I’m going to reattach the first plank of the top of the table with hinges and build a cubby underneath for a larger storage space.

Then I might put a few hooks here for the three necklaces I own. Or maybe my tape measure. Whatever.


And then I plan to hang a little wire basket off the other side to store miscellaneous hair torture devices like that bright pink straighter.

So, the first thing that kept me from buying that table right of the bat was that I love the little machinist stool I bought to use with my vanity, but it looks better “unscrewed” to a greater height, so I wanted a taller table to use with it. But, then I decided all I need to do is buy a matching stool (or two?) and use them at my bar space in the cottage kitchen.


Then I can paint the old table (or something) and use it in the small entryway by the half bath downstairs.


See how brilliantly I justified that purchase in less than 24 hours? Yeah. It’s a gift.

But all jokes aside, I am thrilled with this little beat-up table. Now I just need a new little stool to go with it. I sense a Junk Hunt Part 3 not too far out on the horizon.

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    1. I think I could probably write a book on Awkward But Effective Ways For Small People To Move Big Furniture. I also like the sit-with-back-against-dresser-and-push-against-wall-with-legs method.

  1. Ha! I had the same experience with little desk that I told you about too… was freaking out that someone else might want said little desk (because all of Ann Arbor needs one right) and when I went to pick it up, your table had a little sold sign on it & I was like hehe, she came back! Glad you were able to get it! It looks really nice there!

    1. Ha! That’s so funny. I’m glad you got the little school desk, I remember seeing it… very cute!

  2. Would that lifting technique work for a wing chair, I wonder? I may or may not need it this coming Wednesday when the local Sally Army Thrift Store is having a half-off sale, at which time said wing chair might or might not still be there.

    Any ideas for the drawer slot on your new/old dressing table?

    Annnnndd, the latest issue of Family Handyman arrived today. Turned to page 10, and ta-daaahh!! there’s Kit and her monster saw!

    1. I like to sneak up on you guys like that! As far as the chair goes, I do always manage to get them on my back and it’s the best way to carry them.

      Not sure about the drawer slot yet… I could rebuild the drawer, but since I’m going for a flip-top I may just do a faux front. We’ll see.

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