10 Things I’m Grateful For Today

You might get the impression from this website that I like to be in control. (If you didn’t get that impression… refer back to the two year period of time where I lived in a garage built a house addition because I didn’t trust anyone else to do it correctly.) Unless you’re the unfortunate dude living in a garage with me, or the unfortunate contractor who didn’t properly flash my windows when installing them, you’ll probably never see the crazy control-freak part of me rear it’s ugly head. For the most part I keep it buried under a pile of sawdust, wittiness (okay fine, sarcasm), and, when the occasion calls for it, alcohol.

Let me tell you, buying a house at auction is definitely an occasion that calls for it. This is the kind of process that strips away any illusions you have of being in control, ties your hands behind your back, and dangles a house over your head with a very thin thread. Last week I dealt with this by beating it (and the realtors, banks, title companies, and appraisers who had the misfortune to be assigned to this project) back in line with a stick. Listen, where large checks and legal documents are involved, you can’t be too vigilant.

But we’ve basically gotten past the point where there’s anything I can reasonably do to move things along in the right direction, so now I wait.  I’ve got half a dozen posts started that detail my stress level, my lack of sleep, my general insanity, but what I realized this morning was that all of that noise was brought on by a wonderful opportunity, and what I need to focus on is how grateful I am to to be in this position– to have a chance at owning this house– even if it comes with zombie-like dark circles under my eyes and seventeen new gray hairs.

So here’s what I’m grateful for today:

  1. I’m grateful for the full, uninterrupted eight hours of sleep I got last night.
  2. I’m grateful for my mother, who will drop everything at a moments notice to be a willing cohort for slightly-less-than-legal activities. And who prays for me, often.
  3.  I’m grateful for you guys. This huge network of people I mostly have never met before but who show up daily with encouragement and support through all of my crazy ideas.
  4. Even though my lips are cracked and bleeding, I’m grateful that it’s approximately 10 degrees outside right now, which– if we could just keep it up for the next week– will totally work in my favor.
  5. I’m grateful for Chapstick.
  6. I’m grateful for people like my Dad and MysteryMan, both of whom I’ve given plenty of shit in the past for not trusting me to “do it myself” and yet still continue to respond to my frantic texts with pictures of foundations, drainage tile, and roof flashing, without ever once saying “I told you so.”
  7. I’m grateful for strawberries in winter.
  8. I’m grateful for having the opportunity to live in and work on the Memorial house, which, even though it didn’t end up being my house, taught me things that will make the next chapter of my life–whatever it is– possible.
  9. I’m grateful for fuzzy donkeys.
  10. I’m grateful for opportunities– however they present themselves– to do things that I love.

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  1. And I’m grateful you share the adventure with us!

    Fingers & toes crossed that all works out to your advantage with the Brick House.

  2. Oh again, we are SO much alike! Been waiting for your next post – so glad you’re still hanging in there with the process and got a good night’s sleep. Sometimes you just have to back off and let things happen. But Patience IS NOT something I was born with. Thank God that all the good people that surround us know how to help us chill a little. Its so hard not to be obsessively in control. I bought a repro 3 years ago and it definetely challenged my patience! (Email me if you need extra moral support or someone else to vent to.)

    AND YES – Thank goodness for FUZZY DONKEYS! It hasn’t been cold enough here yet for mine to get too fuzzy this year. But they sure do let you know when the temperature drops even just a little. They DO NOT like to be cold!

  3. Okay – Just re-read this – How can 10 degrees possibly be to ANYONE’s advantage??? I grew up on the beach in Southren California. And there is NOTHING good about 10 degrees. No Way, No How. Which is why me and MY donkeys don’t live where you live! Have fun with that!

  4. So glad to hear that you have a praying Momma – that is a blessing beyond measure! Thank you for reminding us to be grateful in the midst of our (usually self-induced) stress! All the best to you as you WAIT for your answer.

  5. So glad to read you are “looking at the bright side” because crawling out of a dark pit stinks! Also “Go praying Mama!” What a blessing! How will 10 degrees work in your favor? Peaked my curiosity!

    One thing thankful for is you…the one who helps me believe that I can DIY…who brought sliding compound miter saws to my attention and onto my “Must Have” list AND is willing to be transparent with successes and failures alike! You also brought Sorel boots into my life! It took a year to save, but now my feet will be toasty if we ever get a real winter in CT! Tried them out during the one snowfall we had and had to take the rest of my outergear off since they warmed my blood up so much I was drenched in sweat…before I started shoveling! LOL!

    I’m looking forward to hearing about this new journey you’re taking and trusting for it’s path to be made straight!

  6. On pins and needles, lady! Can’t wait to hear how this turns out – you are a rock star and don’t you ever forget it!

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