Hillside Cottage: A Full Set of Plans

If these plans look a little rumpled it’s definitely not because I’ve been sleeping snuggled up to them for the last week. I swear.


I actually hauled my old dining room table to the middle of the living room so that I would have a place to keep the plans out so I can peruse them at my leisure. And sometimes bat my eyelashes at them when I walk by.


A full set of complete plans means it’s time to get down to the serious business of picking stuff. Or even better, building stuff.


I’m hoping to spend next week hammering out the details of the exterior and most of the interior spaces. A job I hope will be much easier since I basically just got done picking out all of the important parts of the Memorial House, so I have a good baseline for what I like.


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  1. The rustic timberframe exterior has my vote (in case you’re undecided)… Beautiful inspirational photos — whatever you end up doing, I know it will be spectacular!

  2. Yeah I’m with Peg.. I just love that look especially with how the interior is going to look. So exciting to see the plans and I can’t wait to hear how the bed turns out. After building my dining room table with a pipe base (My God I’m behind on posting about that! I’ll do that this weekend.) I’m definitely inspired to tackle a bigger project. If I wasn’t living in a rental, I’d do my closet like you did in Memorial. I absolutely loathe those cheap white wire shelves. Also, all those built-ins you’ve got planned? Awesome.

  3. Just a word of advice from someone who lives in a rental with brick floors: they look so dirty if not maintained (or at least I assume a lack of cleaning from previous residents is the issue). I don’t have a steam cleaner, but I’ve mopped the hell out of those things, and they still look filthy. Thought I’d give you a heads up, though that herringbone is to die for. I would pick a favorite exterior look, but they’re all too cute to choose from :). Thanks for the blog, I love it!

  4. You’re full of great ideas! I really like how your style has become more focused since the Memorial house. The Hillside Cottage is going to look fabulous. I love the herringbone brick and I totally think you should redo the rustic beach bath – it was so pretty.

  5. I have a good friend with brick floors in her kitchen. They’re gorgeous and rustic, but they’re sealed.

    I’m stoked to follow your journey with this cottage. Love it all so far!!

  6. Those dark doors are amazing and I love how they are over-sized. They seem majestic. Also, the light/dark contrast is interesting and appealing.

  7. I like the dark rustic exterior and the white with wood kitchen cabinets. So exciting to have your plans finalized! I love that desk with the out of site storage and all of the built ins around the couch. Good luck finding some place to built this now!

  8. How exciting! Your ideas are amazing. Just a thought – black base cabinets in the kitchen (with white, light or wood uppers) would “play” very nicely with your planned black doors in the rest of the space. This could be especially important with your open layout where everything will be connected visually. Also, after everything you went through to find just the right tile for the beachy bath, I vote you use it again. You are an inspiration always!

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