Power Tool & Project Fix: Cordless Finish Nailer Edition

Some of you Family Handyman subscribers may have gotten your March magazines last week (or two weeks ago? time really flies when you’re unexpectedly buying houses online) and wondered why I wasn’t flashing one of my favorite tools around in there. Truthfully, I have no idea. Maybe they have something against Paslode cordless finish nailers, since that’s the article they skipped, but having used this baby almost daily since I bought it I can tell you it makes my little heart go pitty pat.


They did post the longer version of the article online though, so for those of you who want to know just how much I love not having to drag the three-hundred pound compressor around when I want to shoot nails at people build stuff, you can check it out here.

For any of you who are so-so about whether you need one of these and aren’t convinced by a picture of me batting my eyelashes at mine, here are a couple of projects I used it for recently…

Reinforcing some of the bars on my chicken-coop-turned-coffee table:


Tacking together my extra-handy (and fun) wood toolboxes:


Installing the custom jamb for that closet door I built on camera:


Putting in wood shelves:

And building a knock off of a Pottery Barn pinboard:


Not to mention the window trim and baseboard installation that seems to have been a staple of my existance for the last year. I’m actually considering adding the 18 gauge cordless brad nailer to my tool collection as well, but I need to replace my table saw and fill a couple of other smaller gaps in my toolbox first. Oh, and buy a house and a tractor.

As for projects that don’t require nails, the Pipe Dream Bed is definitely next up on the list, but the Liberty House has thrown a little wrench in those plans, since I’m not going to build a 500 lb bed out of 1″ gas pipe and then disassemble and move it in a couple of weeks. So instead my spare bedroom looks like this:


Honestly, I’m really jonesing for some nice big sawdusty house projects, and it looks like the Liberty House is going to oblige with those sooner rather than later, but not right this very second like I’d prefer. However, instead of sitting around staring forlornly at my tools, I’m getting my project fix virtually thanks to Apartment Therapy’s Homie Awards, which are going on, uh, right now.

I’ll admit to having been a little salty in the past because there wasn’t a lot of recognition for those of us who spend our spare time making kissy-faces at our power tools instead of picking out curtain fabric. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with curtain fabric, it’s just that my gift is building houses, not decorating them. But hey, look at that, they have a DIY category this year.

Even if you don’t vote, it’s a great place to find some new DIY sites to follow!


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  1. LOVE that they have a DIY category this year, thanks for sharing, I love finding new blogs.

    You better get that house soon, I want to see that bed! We might be getting a new bed in the future as Chris and I are sleeping pretty bad (and the matress has divets) and we’re thinking of building our own this time too. But given that our bedroom isn’t super big and we’ll upgrade to a king, I think we’ll build ours with some storage underneath. Love new building projects! 🙂

  2. Congrats on your Homie nomination! We’re up there too and are very excited to be included on the list! But I’m afraid your homage to the cordless power nailer might result in another tool purchase in our house…we’re still dragging the compressor around at the moment. But hey, there’s always room for another power tool, right?

  3. I already voted for you! LOL I wonder if the DIY category stemmed from your almost win last year and the unhappy comment I posted when the disqualified you and other nominees at the last minute. I’m excited that they added the category but of course someone who spends more time with a can of spray paint than a nail gun is going to win it I’m sure.

  4. I want one of those pipe dream beds so bad! Keep dropping tidbits like that and I’ll be coming back.

  5. Feedback on the Cordless Finish Nailer
    I got myself a cordless finish nailer two months ago, and this was because I was thinking of installing some shelves around, and fixing some cabinets, just some of those odd jobs, because I had a lot of extra time on my hands. So, I went out and thought to get a cordless version, because I wanted to be more flexible with my nailer. And, wow, I’m impressed! I never thought how much easier these jobs would be, and that’s just because I have taken out a cord requirement from my tool. Honestly, I thought it wouldn’t make a difference, but I really feel more flexible with using a cordless tool. It is able to go to hard to reach places, that I actually had little hope of nailing. Good job!

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