Checking In On The List: The-Bank-Can-Kiss-My-Ass Edition

UPDATED: Even more checked off the list!

You know those little voodoo dolls I may or may not have in the likeness of the appraiser and underwriter who are responsible for all the cash I had to escrow for repairs to the house? In an odd turn of events, I no longer have the desire to repeatedly stick them with pins. Why? Well, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been kicking ass on my project list, and things around the house are really shaping up.

Apparently all it takes to get my butt in gear is the threat of calling in professional help, and then whatever personality quirk it is that makes me have to prove that I can do it without help kicks into overdrive and the next thing you know, well…

Here’s the original list from the appraisal:

And here’s where I’m at:

  1. Scape and paint interior ( full bath ceiling, master bedroom walls – Updated: Done and done!)
  2. Repair exterior wood, scrape and paint
  3. Repair or replace cracked window in bedroom*
  4. Replace missing windows in basement (whoops, upon further inspection there’s one more that needs to be fixed. Updated: done!)
  5. Install missing outlet covers
  6. Repair missing guardrail on rear deck
  7. Restain front porch and rear deck (Updated: front porch done! )
  8. Replace roof on home
  9. Replace roof on outbuilding (aka Future Donkey Barn) (Updated: DONE!)
  10. Re-side garage
  11. Remove debris – Still working on it

The last four weekends have been sunup-to-sundown workfests and I’ve managed to:







I’ve been thwarted by heat and ice cream this week, but I’m still hoping to have the porch floor painted before Saturday morning so that I can dive into prepping the littlest barn on my property for re-roofing this weekend. Which is way more legal than the my alternate plan of, uh, “accidentally” burning it down if I run out of time before the bank deadline.

Even though I’ve only got about 6 weeks left, I’m feeling pretty good about where things are at. I found an awesome window restoration specialist to take care of the three cracked windows in the house, and if worse comes to worst I can always do a quick patch on the garage siding. Godwilling I’ll have a couple of weeks left in August to actually do that job right, but one way or another everything is going to be checked of this list before we hit September.

And, um… just kidding on the arson part. Probably.

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  1. I’ve got faith in you. Just remember the little train…

    I think I can
    I think I can
    I think I can

  2. If you DO have to burn something down, you can always contact your local fire department. They often will burn a building down for you just so they can get the practice. At least that’s what my parents were told! No projects here as I fractured my arm yesterday on the way to work. Stupid gravel!

  3. Kit, I believe you’re going to wipe that list out in the time frame given AND the appraiser/underwriter will be wiping their hindquarters with the copies!

    Also, as Kathie mentioned, our fire departments love to be offered something to burn down – gives th volunteer cadets a lot of experience they can’t get at a “real” fire because they’re too young. Ya’ know….just in case.

    1. The bank can make it very difficult for me to get the $10k I had to escrow for repairs back. You would think– given the progress on the house– they may be reasonable about the deadline. But the fact that I had to escrow money for things like peeling paint in the first place tells a different story…

      I never, ever trust a bank.

      1. True. I no longer have a cent in a bank, everything financial I do is with my credit union.

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