5 Day Project Marathon: You’ll Never Believe This

Here are things you will believe:

1.) By 11 AM on Friday morning I already had paint on my eyelid.


2.) I thought this was a good idea.


And it was, because this…


Now looks like this…


3.) I also thought this was a good idea. (Yes, that is how I patched the torn wallpaper. Try not to fall out of your chair from rolling your eyes so hard at this ridiculousness.)


I also got the master bedroom walls painted, most of the outlet covers installed, the window sash in, oh, and one other little thing that was on the list…


HELL. YES. You may have trouble believing what you’re seeing right now, but that is, in fact, a sided barn.

I’ve been walking out there periodically over the last twelve hours and touching it just to make sure it’s real and that this isn’t some barn-siding mirage resulting from a complete mental DIY breakdown.

In fact, hold on a sec…

Nope, just checked. It’s still real.

It took six hours Saturday, with the help of three strong backs to help get those 10-foot sheets into place. They’re just tacked up right now so I have to go back and properly nail everything in, but as far as the bank is concerned, this baby is D.O.N.E.

So I’m taking Sunday to build some things that are oddly related to my day job and oddly unrelated to my house, and then I have Monday and Tuesday to finish up this list:

  • Install barn siding DONE!
  • Clean up rubble pile
  • Finish painting master bedroom DONE
  • Install master bedroom outlet covers DONE
  • Paint master bedroom trim
  • Patch drywall holes – 50%
  • Install new window sash DONE
  • Fix wallpaper tear DONE

I may actually get to take a nap on my vacation after all…

31 Responses

  1. The scaffold is absolutely terrifying. But all the results are beautiful, the barn especially. Great work.

  2. I’m not even afraid of heights but there would be no way in hell I would have ever gotten on that “scaffold”. That looks like a trip to the hospital waiting to happen.

  3. I wasn’t even there and I am scared of the board. I am not coordinated at all and I would fall off that pretty quickly. Good job finishing all that work and doing so without getting hurt.

  4. That barn is beautiful!

    Were the skylights leaking? The skylight over my stairs lets in a lot of good light.

    1. Not yet, but when I had the new roof put on I had them taken out… I feel like it’s a crap-shoot as to whether or not the flashing holds up, and I definitely don’t want to deal with the potential for leaks after spending all that money on a new roof! (Nothing against skylights personally… I love the light and would totally have them in a dryer climate.)

  5. You were leary of roofing the barn but balancing drywall above your head on that plank didn’t bother you?

    If you paint the outlet cover a creamy color you won’t even be able to tell its there. (Until you decide to get rid of that wallpaper anyway.)

    So when do the donkeys arrive?!?

    1. It’s weird but something about the angle and lack of things to grab on to on the roof nerves me out, but I could balance on a level board like this all day! Eight years of gymnastics and dance when I was a kid finally pays off!

      I’m going to hold off until next spring for the donkeys. There’s still a lot to be done around the future “pasture” (including putting a fence in!)

  6. Outlet cover = perfect…plank above stairs = still telling my stomach it was only a picture. Impressive barn from an impressive woman & crew!

  7. Can I just say? Holy F#%&ing $h!t. That barn. Seriously? YOU DID THAT?? And everything else (including standing on a 2×8 20 feet up in the air to patch drywall)? I bow down before you. You are the DIY queen. For REALZ….

    1. Ha! I did that with help, it was definitely not a one-woman show. I did stand on that board to patch drywall though, so hopefully I can keep my DIY street cred.

  8. You are a genie and obviously a flying one as no mere mortal would walk a plank a gajillion feet in the air. That is one mighty fine barn you have there. Hard to believe the transformation.

  9. O.O


    OMFG that barn looks SO frickin’ good!! 😀

    I absolutely LOVE the look of the wood on there, please don’t use a paint color on it, and instead use just really good wood stain/sealer/poly/whateversappropriate to show off its beautiful, natural woody goodness!

  10. A) You, madam, are nuts. B) You are also a miracle worker. C) No sleep until you’re done! Or Brooklyn. Whichever.

  11. That plank perched on top of a hand-rail makes me queasy! Not sure the bank would approve! ha. It’s amazing how we work miracles under pressure! I am again inspired (and in awe)!

  12. The thud from New Jersey was me ejecting out of my chair in an explosion of sheer amazement and then landing haphazardly on the floor. Clearly you possess some kind of incredibly powerful magic that otherwise only happens in books (like the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, not Twilight). I wave my hands in awe!

  13. The barn looks awesome! You should pat yourself on the back several times and then have some really delicious microbrew (yes, I really do think about beer all of the time).

  14. I love this! Amazing what you can get done when you have a deadline. I spent the last 7 yrs of college waiting until the last minute to do everything, and it always worked out for me. You, in fact, did not wait until the last minute, you just had a whole crap ton to do.

  15. O. M. G. I LOVE your barn… I looks fantastic! I can hear it’s sighs of contentment and love from here…

  16. Unfreakingbelievable! Great barn!

    But we gotta talk about the trapeze bit!

    You have skill. And nerve. Dangerous combination, but you have my deepest admiration.

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