Excuse Me While I Spend More Time With My Face Pressed Up Against The Barn

I don’t have a lot of words left in me today, mostly because I have a bloody lip and a splinter in my face (completely unrelated) and I used all of my brain power to come up with different combinations of swear words for the last hour.

Once I got over the whole bleeding-from-the-face thing, they were mostly swears of the “Hell to-the-effing yeah!” variety, because this is what the barn looked like when I ran out of daylight…


That’s three new pieces of sheathing up, if anyone is counting (and I sure as hell am.)

Turns out running 2600 stairs a week for the last several months has been a good use of my time, because my calves and I managed to get those upper pieces of sheathing up the ladder and tacked into place without tumbling down and turning myself into DIY blogger pancake.

This thing was instrumental.


Also instrumental? Using my forehead to brace the wood to the wall while getting the nailer in place.


So anyway, I may be a little light on the narration here for the next week while I try to finish up the barn and other bank-list projects. In the meantime, here are some things you might want to check out:

Sarah @ UglyDucklingHouse has a good list of tips up for DIYing on your own on her site. I love (and have) every single one of her tool suggestions (even if I don’t use proper safety gear, um, ever.)

Brittany @ PrettyHandyGirl  is taking us with her on The World’s Longest Yard Sale (along with some other awesome bloggers), and as it turns out they were starting this adventure not far from me in Michigan… so you know I had to stalk go meet up with her last week, and it was awesome to finally meet on of my sawdust sisters in person. (Also, at Brittany’s request I’ve added a “subscribe via email” option to the site, see the link just under the DIYdiva logo on the sidebar, or click here if you want new DIYdiva posts delivered to your inbox.)

In other news, this patio table was featured on Centsational Girl and RoadKillRescue this week, and there are a ton of other great table projects featured here.

And, you can check out a slightly more coherent version of me over on the Improvement Center blog, where I’ve been talking about the highs and lows of owning a 150 year old farmhouse, and writing some necessary letters of apology after my recent roofing adventure.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with a glass of wine and a pair of tweezers. This is probably going to leave a mark.

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  1. The safety-minded part of me wants to tell you to be careful! Don’t climb up a ladder with a sheet of plywood all by yourself! You are going to kill yourself!

    But the independent-beyond-all-logic part of me knows I would try the exact same thing! Because don’t you dare try to tell me I can’t do something!

    But seriously, be careful!

  2. You must have been a fun stubborn kid to raise. “I do it MYSELF!” I know the finished product is going to look awesome!

    1. Ha! You have that right, Michele. Strong-willed and creative were the adjectives I used from age 2 on!

  3. I am amazed at your progress. Wish you had a twitchable nose ala I Dream of Genie to help you finish. Don’t they have barn raisings up in your neck of the woods? MD

  4. I use my head for bracing things probably way more than I should. I also use my pelvis, as in I completely arch my back until both sides of my pelvic bone are holding something up for me. Safe and smart, that’s me!

  5. It’s looking a ton better. It never ceases to amaze me what you can do. We’re drywalling a wall in our basement and I can’t even carry a sheet of 1/2″ drywall by myself, and it’s allegedly 25% lighter than regular drywall. I saw the post on Ugly Duckling House and wish I had thought to get a drywall lift before we started.

  6. I think we need a video for this project with good sound so we can rank your creativeness with words.

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