The Middle of Nowhere is a Popular Place

When people who haven’t been here before visit the Liberty House the thing first they say is usually either “whoa, you are out here” or “how the hell did you find this place?” And it’s true, you have to do a little country driving and take a couple of winding dirt roads to get to my little slice of heaven Nowhere-ville.


Which is why it’s weird that in the six months I’ve lived here I’ve met more “internet friends” than I have in the last 6 years of writing this website. And, let’s be honest, it probably has to do more with the house than with my sparkling personality. She draws people in…


You may know that when I moved up this way I stopped over at the Turtle House one day because I really wanted to check out their progress in person, and then I basically forced Katy and Brandon to adopt me as a friend because they’re awesome, and I like to think it may rub off on me eventually.

Then a few weeks ago Brittany from PrettyHandyGirl was also up my way for the beginning of the World’s Longest Yard Sale (see the awesome end result of that trip here) so of course I had to go give yet another inspiring and awesome woman a big sawdust-covered hug in person. We forgot to get a picture, but I was like, “oh don’t worry about it we can just photoshop one… people do this all the time.”

Right? My hair extensions look so real.

And now I can finally let you in on my plans to suck other awesome bloggers into the neverending list of projects that need to be done at this house, because Meryl and Chris from Picardy Project just announced that they are doing a Renovation Road Trip sponsored by Tinkerton in a couple of months, and they’re totally stopping at the Liberty House to help me out with some things.  They’ll be building stuff with some of my favorite other bloggers on their trip and they may just find me stowed away in the back of their car with all the tools when they leave. (Check out the official post for all the bloggers they’ll be meeting up with in their 6,000 mile journey here.)

Meryl and Chris do some awesome work on their house (um, paver driveway anyone?) and I am awed by the patience and woodworking skills they’re bringing with them. This one of my favorite Picardy projects:

I have no idea what projects I’ll be in the middle of when they come, but I’m so excited to be able to do my favorite thing (make messes) with a couple of other people who appreciate being covered in sawdust as much as I do. This is going to be so much fun.



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  1. So jealous! So many hard workers – y’all are going to accomplish great things! I can’t wait to see it.

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