One Down, Four To Go

I just got out of a 13 hour meeting for my day job which means I was definitely not doing things like building a desk, or hitting something with a hammer today. But I did manage to check one thing off my list in between frantic emails and phone calls on Saturday. I don’t have time to tell you about it, and I’m pretty sure I don’t have enough brain cells functioning to be coherently funny about it, but still…

But I’ve got just enough left in me tonight to post a before and getting-close-to-after…

Hello pink. And lace. (This room was just so me.)


Not pink. Not lace. Also not finished, but let’s not judge.


And even more pink…


Yeah, the pink brick had to go… and I am so effing thrilled with that decision. (Just wait until that baby is fully stacked with logs. My heart goes pitty-pat just thinking about it.)


I have a crazy week this week, but I had to take a quick second to share because this house is finally, finally starting to feel like “me.” Which I’m pretty sure is due to the copious amount of spray paint fumes floating around in here.


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    1. Reuben, it is a glass-blocked doorway that leads out to the porch. Kit wrote about it shortly after she bought the house but I’m too lazy to find a link to it for you. If you look back through the archives from this past winter/spring, you can find more about it.

  1. I do like the black bricks MUCH better actually and while the white is nice…there’s just no contrast at all! It’s so sterile! But I’m sure once you get some furniture and decorations in there it’ll be cozier and more colorful.

    1. I know! The lack of contrast is actually why I like it so much I think. I wouldn’t say I’m “modern” in style, but I don’t like frilly things… all the woodwork in this room is very fancy, so making the color of the trim/wainscoting and the walls close in color makes it feel a little less formal to me. (I don’t worry so much about the sterile part because as soon as I “live” in a room it takes me .5 seconds to fill it with junk… which kind of helps with that.

  2. I hated the look of those baseboard heaters before, but now they just kind of fade into the background. The fireplace looks amazing. I think the decision to paint the room pink might have initiated with the PINK brick of the fireplace! See where one bad decision will lead you? (Says the girl who lives in a pink house :-). Good luck on your crazy week!

  3. What paint did you use on the inside of the fireplace? Home Depot had some high heat spray paint but nothing in quarts that was made for masonry. They told me I couldn’t paint the inside of a fireplace if I wanted to have a fire in there.

  4. Amazing…what a can of paint and elbow grease can do. Do you mind sharing the name/brand of paint you used to cover up the pepto bismol walls?

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