What Is This Strange Place?

It seems vaguely familiar…


Like maybe I used to spend a lot of time here. In the actual daylight. Doing things like making sawdust. That seems like a long time ago.

It seems like a long time ago because I spent eighty-four hours between Sunday and Friday at the Zombie War Command Center (and by the “Zombie War Command Center”, I mean “an office at my day job where I’ve been holed up with an incredible group of people trying to crank out three weeks worth of work in four days”. But it was way more fun to pretend we were fighting Zombies. Or maybe we were the zombies, come to think of it. None of us slept much this week.)


Now, working for that many hours in a week is actually pretty normal for me. You don’t keep up a full-time job, a small farm, an in-progress house, and a blog without working most of the hours that you’re awake, but I can tell you for sure that that is the most intensely focused on one thing that I have been in a long, long time.

Here are some things I learned about myself this week:

I find it perfectly acceptable to leave my empty garbage can on it’s side in the middle of the driveway for six days. However, I draw the line at leaving it out there on actual garbage day (again).

I do not own enough pairs of socks to make it through 6 days without doing laundry. This is a serious oversight on my part.

I have no concept of how fast I’m driving when trying to get home on the one day I have a chance of being in bed before midnight…


If you buy a bunch of vegetables and then unexpectedly don’t open your fridge for a week… bad things happen in there.

The number of things I that will make me laugh to the point of tears is inversely proportional to the number of hours of sleep I get multiplied by how much sugar I’ve eaten, minus the number of pushups I’ve done.


(This is how you keep yourself sane when you’re in the office at 2AM on a Wednesday.)

I always thought I did a poor job with the whole work/life/house/laundry/blog balancing act, but this week, when I actually let all of those balls but one come crashing to the ground, I realized on a normal week I actually do a much better job at it than I think. It was a great experience to spend time doing nearly-impossible things with a group of awesome people, even if not one of those things included hitting something with a hammer. But here’s to starting a new week that includes better balance and a little bit of everything I love. And way more sawdust, of course.

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  1. I have the same problem, different parameters– four boys, single working mom, old house. To say I’m crazy half the time is understating things a bit, but I’m amazed at was does get done in addition to making sure the boys get fed and avoid brain injury (self- or fraternally inflicted). You, however, are crazily amazing. Or amazingly crazy. Both, I reckon. Love what you’re doing with your house.

  2. Oh God – Actually been there done that! Trying to meet some insane deadline or get some huge government publication to the printer and taking turns sleeping on a pad in the corner of the back room for days or weeks on end! I think back on that time period and think ‘crazy’! But working with a team, if you find the groove, can be very rewarding! And those kinds of times bond you to those people for life! And it will serve to put the other parts of your life into a different perspective for a while… Welcome back. Get some rest!

  3. And here I was being all selfish… “Why hasn’t she posted for so long?!” Ha! Welcome back. Take a deep breath, relax for a bit and recharge those batteries. But, don’t take too long. My selflessness has limits…

  4. everyone needs enough socks to get them through at least 2 weeks without wearing the same pair twice.

    go forth and BUY SOCKS.
    also, pay your ticket, you mad, speeding sleepyperson. ;D

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