A Useable Indoor Workbench

By “useable workbench”, I mean “one which is no longer so tall that it comes up to my armpits.” Listen, I top out just over five feet, so being as tall as my armpits isn’t some huge feat of engineering, but it does make tinkering around on top of the workbench a little, uh, awkward.

Let me remind you how I ended up with exceptionally tall workbench to begin with… you know that saying measure twice, cut once? Yeah. In my case that should be more like stop being a lazy ass, go find your tape measure, and actually write the dimensions down before you start cutting into things. Which doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it obviously, but doesn’t make it any less true.

Eh, what can I say? I’m not perfect, but this beauty still turned out okay…


The big difference from the taller version?


These little pretties…


I wasn’t sure if smaller casters would look a little strange on the workbench, but the alternative was taking all 350 pounds of this beast apart again, hauling it back out to the shop, spending a few hours cutting down those barn beam (which take four cuts per leg), and then hauling it back in and reassembling.

Or, you know, just flipping it over and swapping out the casters.


Definitely think I made the right choice there, and since the wheels are pretty heavy-duty they still look like they fit with the bench. As does that patch of dead grass still stuck to one of the legs, because I’m so awesome about cleaning stuff off before I bring it into the house.

Since swapping the casters worked, and made the bench a comfortable working height– both standing and sitting– I’m going to finish it off by bolting on the top (and giving the maple a coat of poly to darken it up at bit) and putting some slats on the braces at the bottom to make a storage shelf underneath.


I’m definitely going to get a big natural-fiber rug to go under the whole thing, and I’m considering another stool for the other side… just to give myself options.

Even though there’s a lot to do from a storage standpoint in the office/indoor workshop (I’m really going to need to figure out a better name for this room) the desk and workbench were the two key components to actually making this a functional place to, you know, work on stuff. I can’t wait to get started…

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  1. The new casters look great! Laughing about a seat on the other side…picturing you changing sides to have a conversation with yourself! Yes, I am strange.

  2. The Laboratory.

    Whatever you call it, it is turning into a very cool space that looks pretty conducive to work. Great use of space, and I love the indoor workbench – both the idea of having one and your execution.

  3. Good call on the castors. Looks like Santa’s workshop. Now if only those elves would show up!

  4. Spectacular! What a great work space! Who cares about the rest of the house. Just live in here.
    So happy for you.

  5. Hahaha @ Kenz!

    “Work Shop”
    “Physics Lab”
    “Production Area”
    “Creative Parlor”
    “Inspiration Chamber”

    I’m not creative, but give me an online thesaurus and I can come up with ideas!

  6. I’m still partial to Bat Cave V.2, but it’s so light and light-filled maybe Cloud 9 would be more fitting.

    1. I’m almost sure I’m going to start calling it the Bat Cave now, thank you. Even if it’s not very cave-like.

  7. I stop by here often, and had to chime in on worshop/office names with my nomination of ‘woshoffice’ its kinda catch. Say it a few time and see it it sticks. If not I second bat cave v.2. Awesome space, I would love an indoor woshoffice!

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