Snow Tracks

Almost a year ago, when I finally hacked my way through all the red tape that was wrapped around this house, I started taking daily walks around my property just to check things out and spend a little time being grateful for where I’m at right now. Plus there’s the added excitement of never knowing when you might be chased by wild turkeys, or, alternatively, have to chase off a coyote.

Since we’re well into the Dark Days, where I almost never see my property in the daylight, I haven’t had much chance to walk the perimeter and check things out. But after our big snow last week I started noticing what a high traffic area I’m living in…


So I finally bundled up and went out in the daylight to capture some scenes from the Liberty House in winter, and see who’s been visiting me.

I’m a complete amateur at identifying animal tracks (as evidenced by the fact that the first time I saw a deer trail through the grass in the back field I thought it was from someone on a dirt bike), but I’m guessing this one is actually a deer taking a leisurely stroll around the property…


And then heading off over the hill at a run?


This one actually made me laugh… looks like there was a quick change of direction here. Or someone was drinking…


Then, of course, there are visitors of a much smaller variety. Mouse or chipmunk or rat, I suspect:


I walked far out into the back field where the turkeys hang out when they aren’t skulking out around my barn waiting to scare the crap out of me. I couldn’t identify a turkey track… this one maybe?


That’s probably another mouse, actually.

I was kind of wishing I brought a sled with me. I don’t even think I own a sled, but with hills like this out back, I may need one…


The house, from the back of the property:


Oh, this one I know! Silly rabbit.


I was actually wondering how the whole dirt-road thing would work once we got a significant amount of snow. I was only really “snowed in” the day the snow was coming down really hard… and a week later, all of us with 4WD have packed down the snow enough that it’s completely drivable.


I love this place just as much in Winter as I have in the other seasons, especially now that the old boiler and I are on speaking terms again and the house stays relatively heated.


And it’s nice to know that I’m not really alone out here.


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  1. You are indeed one lucky, lucky lady. What a serenely beautiful place. And a sled is absolutely what you need (with a little peppermint schnapps).

  2. I second the schnapps, and the sled! Very beautiful and, I suspect, peaceful and good for the soul.

  3. Beautiful and serene. Hubs and I like to go take walks after a fresh snowfall around our place. We once found the tracks of a rabbit that just stopped and were replaced with wing marks from a hawk or an eagle.

  4. Your property is just gorgeous, and I’m jealous! I’m so glad you were able to take the time to hike around and check out it’s winter dress.

  5. only missing the extra furry donkeys! you need to get on the sourcing two new four legged friends!

  6. So beautiful with the snow! Having had Lyme, I’ll pass on the herd of deer regardless of how cute they are!

  7. deer usually leave oval shaped marks in pairs. they’re also “perfect walkers” which means that the rear feet land in basically the same spot as the front feet.

  8. Your photos, make me want to recite Robert Frost and drink Irish coffee. Absolutely beautiful, spiritual even. I wonder if there is a track identification book available.You really are a wonderful writer and I enjoy reading your posts ever so much.

  9. I have just moved back home (Melbourne, Australia) after 4 years in Prague and 4 years in Asia. I have moved, for the first time ever, into my own apartment. After years of reading your blog and dreaming of drills and timber I am there. Tonight I used my drill for the first time to put up a curtain wire…masonry drill, sewed the curtain and then as a celebration put up photos I haven’t seen for almost 10 years. I’m not sure what it’s all about but maybe it’s just that satisfaction of creating a space that is yours and looks yours. Thank you for giving me the courage to do what I have always known I can. Happy 2013!

  10. I’m impressed that you actually saw a herd of deer. We have tons of tracks too (including some definitively identified as turkey) but no sightings of any furry or feathered creatures. I had to put “hike” on my holiday to-do list, because I’m not good at making time to relax. Glad to see you’re taking time to enjoy your place. You have a wonderful spot!

  11. Love the one of the deer at the end. We had a couple eating out of the front garden around Christmas.

  12. Having had 13 wooded acres I finally moved to a neighborhood with a yard that starts and stops. Too many big spidey’s dropping off the tree’s for me and there was always something the dogs were chasing or something eating the chickens!
    Gotta say, I love the open land!

  13. We’ve got turkey tracks everywhere these days. They don’t look like I thought they would—the tails drag so!
    First visit here, looking forward to reading more.

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