Sneak Peek: Chicken Tractor Progress

Raised garden beds weren’t the only harbringers of sawdust in the shop this weekend. I finally did what I’ve been threatening to do for the last month, and started building the first of two chicken coops.


The problem with legitimately knowing how to frame in a house is that it’s hard to take a step back when you’re building something considerably smaller and realize that maybe the walls of a 3×4 chicken coop don’t actually need 2×4 studs 16″ on-center. Because it will end up weighing a thousand pounds and will be hard to push around on wheels.


So this doesn’t look like a ton of progress, but there was a lot of thought put in to how to make it as sturdy as possible without adding too much weight.



I’ll finish the framing, interior panels, and insulation this weekend… then it’ll be on to roofing, siding, and building the run. And while I love the green stain and cedar shakes on my inspiration coop, you know I’ve got some old barn wood and metal roofing calling my name for this project. I’m not sure which direction I’m going to go yet, but I’m sure it will involve a healthy number of splinters either way.

The nuggets have turned in to full-fledged little chickens, but I’ve got a few more weeks before they’re ready to go outside. Which is serious motivation for getting this project wrapped up fast.

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  1. Chicken Tractor. It reminds me of the old joke – Two fish in a tank. One says to the other, “Do you know how to drive this thing?” Tractor-driving chickens is a great image!

  2. Aww yeah little chickenses. Now I feel the urge to get back to work on my own coop. Must get flappy squawky chickens out of the house! I’m kind of jealous that your nuggets are getting a new house AND a vacation getaway. Lucky lucky poultry.


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